B Ocean bonus: Living under the same roof with the U.S. men’s soccer team


What could be better than escaping the Quad-Cities for South Florida in the dead of winter, just days before an ice storm hits?

Staying at the same hotel as the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team.

Oh yeah.

They stand outside each other’s doors talking to each other wrapped only in towels. Towels that are usually half falling off.

They are guy’s guys, for sure. Not friendly, not stand-offish either. But very much stick to themselves.

They are staying in the same wing as I am, the former Sheraton Yankee Clipper, now part of B Ocean Resort.


They occupy the rooms on each side of the towel cart in the above photo. They swim in that pool in their underpants.

And that’s the pool with the windows in it (a la the famed mermaid show that I wrote about yesterday and live broadcast on my Facebook page).

Naturally I would have loved to have taken a pool party photo, but I draw the line on paparazzi-like activity!

The Japan Men’s Soccer Team is staying here too, but other than the first day, I haven’t seen them much. Today they all were packed into the cubicle of the hotel gift shop. They too seem to have a certain playfulness about them. In fact, they are much chattier (among themselves anyway) and seem a little less serious than the U.S. team.

Anther B Ocean Resort bonus: The “Signature Scent”

The first thing you notice when you walk into this hotel is the smell. It smells delicious.

The general manager explained that the hotel has a “Signature Scent.” It’s thyme and white ginger lily. They literally pump it through the air vents. It’s incredibly intoxicating.


Above is a photo of the hotel from the outside. I’m staying in the main tower, the one that looks like a cruise ship. Another tower will be constructed soon that will have sweeping views of not only the coast but also the Intercoastal Waterway.

A restaurant will be opening at the resort soon called “The Naked Crab.” It will feature the delectable dishes of chef Ralph Pagano of Hell’s Kitchen fame.

Friendly Florida proving to be a fine fit for me

I never expected Florida to be so friendly. But I suppose everybody is friendly when they’re on vacation.

I can talk with just about anybody – and do. People respond in different ways. Today I spoke with a woman outside the Ritz-Carlton who had this adorable little dog. “Is that a Maltese?” I asked. “No, it’s a bichon and Cavalier King. A Cavachon.”


I also have been hanging out with a couple from Jersey. I love their accents. He’s very friendly. She is too, but very fannnnnn-sayyyyyyyy.

Met a very nice looking, very serious guy from New York City as I was typing up this column. Shared a story with him that I haven’t written for all of you yet. It’s coming.

He wished me luck as he left. I don’t think luck’s going to have anything to do with how the story turns out, however.

See you tomorrow.

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