Puddle jumpers to Cuba: Get them while they last, it seems to me


Last night I hung out with the Coolest. Chick. Ever. Her name was Jessica, and she’s a flight attendant for Southwest.

We had so much fun. Like me, she has been around the block. A million times. And she’s from Chicago.

So, my strange stories of the past 20 months hardly seemed strange to her. In fact, she knows more than most people probably would like to know. And I can relate to that.


So, to change the subject to avoid triggers, I asked her about flights to Cuba. Because she has mentioned she has been jetting to Cuba.

She said the island is stunning, unspoiled by cruise ships and other pollution. But she said if you ask Cubans on the flights what they think of the new open border policy with the U.S., they say, “I would never comment on that.”

They’re still very scared, she said.

Tourists, meanwhile? They’re saying it’s pretty cool, “not like what you would think,” and that it feels pretty safe. She said the cops on the street corners look bored, according to American tourists on the flight.

I would have loved to have taken a puddle jumper to Cuba while I’m here, but I don’t have a passport. And of course you need a passport for anything now. To think when my mom and I flew to Jamaica freshmen year of high school, you didn’t even need a passport to go there.

I remember the captain announcing that “Cuba is off to your left” and looking down and also have the impression of “Wow, that looks beautiful and unspoiled. Even more so than Jamaica from the air.”

But as someone said just now as I was writing this, “You can’t see them holding the signs that say HELP!”

Good point.

I just can’t imagine the open border thing is going to last for long. Go see the Cuba time warp while it lasts.

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