Much needed dose of fun and R & R is lightening my load at long last


I am having great fun in Savannah. For sure, this is an interesting town!

In fact, I’d say this trip to Savannah is proving to be a lesson on how to live, love and laugh again.

You find that people very much are the same wherever you go, but as I suspected, the vibe here is much like the Quad-Cities.

For sure, people here like to let their hair down. And they like to talk.


I met one guy who is caring for his elderly mother with dementia. Ironically, when I saw him sitting alone, I just sort of sensed he might be a caregiver. And I went up and introduced myself, and I was right. Such a nice fellow!

I met these lovely ladies last night and had wonderful time with them, too. I even sang “Midnight Train to Georgia” for karaoke!

Earlier in the day, I took a long trolley tour of the city. There is so much history here I would not even know where to begin. Along the tour, actors boarded the bus at various stops and played out certain characters from Savannah’s past – a woman whose husband went off to sea, for example. She waited 44 years for him to return. He never did. She would stand and wave at the ships that would pass, letting him know she was waiting for him just in case he was aboard. But he never was, and she died after four long decades.

At another site, a pirate boards the trolley (there appears to be a pirate thread in every vacation I take). He climbs on and tells us the story of the famous Pirate’s House restaurant. I hope to get there today or tonight.


There are so many things to see and do, it’s a bit overwhelming. Wonderful places for coffee, food, and drink. Each place with a unique vibe and a wonderful story. Where to start? John Berendt did it beautifully in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

I am in such vacation mode that I don’t much feel like writing. I just want to relax, absorb, recharge. I told my therapist that I thought I worked a little too hard on the Florida trip. This trip isn’t going be like that (and hasn’t). It’s me time.

There’s nothing wrong with that. This is a good place to come for a “change of scenery,” as they say, and it’s unlike any place I ever have been. It’s a diverse population in terms of generations, from extraordinarily proper-looking elderly women to the 14,000 super hip college students who attend the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design.

It’s awesome that a city with such a rich history is home to aspiring artists. I like how that goes together.

That college has grown from about 700 students in 1986 to more than 14,000 today. It’s pretty amazing. The college takes the old hotels in the area and converts them into dormitories. The city has a very distinct “college town” atmosphere of a non-stop street fest.  The trolley driver told us it’s not unusual for one of the students to grab onto the trolley while on a skateboard. I’m not sure if he was kidding or not! But I can’t get the Bart Simpson image out of my head every time I tell that story.

Certainly, this city is a symbol of restoration and renaissance that probably isn’t duplicated elsewhere to the extent it is here.

And the weather? Highs in the 70s. All sun so far!

Time to head out and see what adventures today brings. Somehow, I suspect it won’t take long to find one.