Snowy (almost) May morning as I prepare for Colorado Cannabis Tour


I woke up to a snowy morning! A “winter storm” has arrived, two days before May. This is the view standing in the carport of the hotel.

The hotel was a bit noisy overnight, but it was a Friday, and as you can imagine, there are all kinds of people staying here. I fell asleep very peacefully and woke feeling very, very refreshed. So nice.

Next, I am taking a four-and-a-half-hour cannabis tour, where a tour bus takes you to all aspects of the marijuana industry, from where the cannabis is grown to world famous dispensaries. I have an hour to kill before the hotel shuttle takes me to the restaurant where we meet for that.

I’m wearing a brand-new Jerry Garcia tie I bought last month to premier on the cannabis tour. I also was delighted to see I packed my dad’s old Chicago Bears jacket, just in case it got chilly. So, I’m going to wear that too.

Now, to prepare for “What’s Quad-City?” all day long, lol.

Have a blessed day, I sure am!

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