Stoner bus Saturday turns into restful night’s sleep, sunny Sunday


What a beautiful Sunday it has been so far.

I woke at 4 a.m. – on the nose, just like old times – feeling incredibly well rested. The last time I looked out the window it still was light out, so I know I got at least eight solid hours of sleep. I could not tell you the last time that happened.

In fact, I woke up and I felt so good that I decided to write a story for a client that’s not due until Tuesday. It feels great to be ahead of things.

And despite there being pot, pot everywhere, I did not smoke any until I got my story done.

I think just being booze-free a few days after the relapse has reminded me of just how good a body feels when you don’t put alcohol in it. But of course, the weed is nice, too.

I am smoking the different strains today trying to get a feel for what’s what. This vaporizer thing is incredible. You load the bowl just like a bong, but then the device vapes it with the this red-hot toker stick inside a large metal tube.

There is no water and no juice, but somehow you inhale vapor instead of smoke. This is how the hotel can allow smoking inside and not have open flames or have the place smell like Amsterdam.

Anyhow, after I got my story done I went downstairs for the free breakfast – scrambled eggs, sausage links, fruit, etc. Then to V.I., next door, for a cobb salad and a bowl of cream of broccoli soup. I’m ordering from a famous Denver Chinese food restaurant tonight, Pepper’s, and having it delivered.


Hell’s Angel great for breakthrough symptoms

The Hell’s Angel strain of cannabis has a THC level of 23.5 percent. I’m not sure about the CBD level. It is sort of my “go to” if I am having any sort of anxiety. For example, when we were gathering at the Cheba Hut (an incredible sandwich shop by the way…holy moly) I was getting on edge. The place was so crowded, and so noisy.

Keep in mind, we filled three gigantic tour buses. I’m glad I ended up on the bus I did. I immediately pulled out the Hell’s Angel when we boarded and then I was fine with the crowd, etc.

When I started vaping the cannabis this morning I decided to begin with Fruity Pebbles. Fruity Pebbles is an Indica-sativa hybrid that I bought at medicine man. The THC level is 26.34 percent, which is the highest THC level of all the cannabis products I purchased.

It was a nice buzz. I continued to feel very productive all morning. I did lots of organizing and planning for the week ahead and felt very calm, content and happy, just as I do now.

I’m glad to see the sun come out and the fog lift, which exposes the mountain view from my room, pictured with this blog.

It’s hard not to be content getting stoned on a sunny Sunday with the best weed on the planet. The price of the plant is so low that it allows you to smoke it as it should be smoked.

For example, all those people who think the bowl should be cashed out or you’re being wasteful? That’s not true when you’re smoking flower, hardcore bud enthusiasts told me yesterday. When you burn off those terpenes on the bud, that’s pretty much all she wrote. From there, you’re just inhaling plant carbon as opposed to cannabis’s healing or psychoactive properties.

Smoking bud the way it should be smoked

The cannabis seems remarkably clean and mild here to me, even though I wrote a story two years ago for Healthline News saying the opposite was true.

When I smoke with this vaporizer, I can taste every little nuance. For example, a lemon strain that I got seriously tastes as vividly lemon as nibbling on a lemon peel. It’s delicious.

The lemon strain makes me horny, for whatever reason. It has a THC level of 15.6 percent (low for Colorado) and a CBD level of 12 percent (the highest I’ve seen yet). THC is the ingredient that makes people “high” while CBD is better known for its medicinal properties.

I’ve been vaping the lemon strain now and then for the past few hours. It has been difficult to find recreational marijuana in Colorado that has a low THC percentage and a high CBD percentage. The lemon strain is the closest thing I have found.

Some dispensaries have different selections for recreational vs. medical customers. Medical customers pay even lower prices and can legally access even more strains. Even in a couple of the dispensaries where I saw the medical-specific selections, the CBD levels were not very high.

I’m surprised how I really have been able to think perfectly clearly most of the time considering how much cannabis I have vaporized the past three days. In fact, it’s just the edibles that sort of hit me hard. I was giggling in my bed by myself for a couple of hours last night after that edible-filled bus tour, lol.

I don’t feel ”high” with any of the strains I’ve vaped today. Just happy and calm.

The marijuana seems to wear off quickly, and then I just want to rest.

When you’re as high strung as I am, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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