Finding fierce banana kush at the corner of Fox and Warner

Fox Cannabis

It has been the talk of my PTSD and Illinois Medical Cannabis Card groups on Facebook: Has anyone tried Banana Kush?

Wouldn’t you know, nobody could find it. But I did! At the corner of Fox and Warner.

The budtender at Fox Cannabis dispensary was delightful. She explained that Banana Kush is quite popular right now among people with PTSD and is of the indica strain, commonly remembered as the “in da couch” strain. You wind up calm, relaxed, and asleep after smoking it.

At any rate, I’m doing backflips over scoring that at the corner of Fox and Warner, just one block from the Quality Inn Cannabis Plaza here in Central Denver.


I woke up this morning irritated, as often is the case. Right now I seriously could not care less, but this morning I got an email that said a I had a “Google Voice message from a prisoner in the … “ and then it cuts off.

I used the Google Voice account once for a project I was doing for John Deere that required interviewing people in Germany. Who would have that number. I don’t even know what the number is.

I realize these things just happen. But they happen to me all the time. Every day. Internet, phone, nothing ever works. It’s a daily non-stop occurrence for which nobody ever has any explanation.

But to have the Google Voice prisoner thing happen the day after a tour of Sweden was booked on my bank card, lol, well…I was ready for some of that delightful banana kush this morning.

The banana cream pie I just ate was delightful too. I was going to take a picture of it but I forgot and I ate it.

Fox dispensary has PTSD-specific cannabis

So, the dispensary thing is a racket. Some of the ones that look really fancy…the product is nothing special. I am very excited about the Banana Kush I purchased from Fox cannabis center.

Another strain I purchased is called “Hell’s Fire,” which, like “Hell’s Angel,” is used for PTSD breakthrough symptoms. I have been feeling really good and am not sure why I have not yet had a little dance party in my room. I am very disappointed that I forgot to pack my Braven Balance.

So, after I devoured my banana cream pie, I just ordered sirloin tips with mashed and gravy and green beans. Then I’m getting a piece of coconut cream pie to go.

Oh, here it is, just delivered to the table. Marvel:


So yeah, it’s pretty much Village Inn, pipe hits, blog posts, sleep, etc. this week. Not a bad life, for sure.

My life is so cool it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I don’t even know how to begin to thank God, to tell you the truth. I try to my best each day.

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