Win two tickets to the Janet Jackson concert at the i wi as my thank you

We are not a conservative nation, or a liberal nation. We are part of the RHYTHM NATION!

Are you ready to win two tickets to see Janet Jackson at the i Wireless center in Moline, Ill. with me and a guest?

Good! I’m going to tell you how to do that right now.

You will recall a month or so ago that I announced I was having a “contest’ to win Janet Jackson tickets. I had no idea what the contest would be. Janet Jackson coming to the i Wireless Center showed up in my news feed, and it was almost like “The Force” took over. Click, click, click, click.

A week later, four tickets, on the floor, arrived in my mailbox. As you can see from the CD case pictured above, Janet and I have been through a lot together.

Facebook: A blessing when you use it right

The issue of “friends” and “Facebook” came up with my therapist the other day. I told her that I had de-friended my personal Facebook page down to zero friends, as I thought that was the most judicious, not to mention thorough, way to get off the platform as far as a personal page goes.

But my therapist understood that as it relates to PTSD and anxiety, and she pointed out that it really makes great sense that I want that level of privacy.

Then she pointed out that I do have a Facebook page with lots of friends – more than 4,000 of them, in fact.

And she pointed out that the supportive comments on that page, and the interaction I have with my readers, has got to be incredibly gratifying. And I told her it was, and that in fact I do consider the people who follow my professional Facebook page my friends.

Think about this. On Facebook, people only follow you if you have something to offer. I am incredibly gratified that people find my health stories interesting and the niches I specialize in relevant to their lives.

While I have no “friends” on my personal Facebook page, I belong to several groups and pages like mine that are indispensable. Those include or have included my medical cannabis group, my caregiving groups (the FTD groups were a Godsend), my PTSD group and many others.

So maybe we’re just using Facebook differently. I couldn’t live without it, even if did decide to go “friendless” on the personal page. I don’t need to be sharing anything about my life or any of my opinions that I don’t already share publicly anyway!

Big contest disclaimer: Must be local (or semi-local) to win

Now, ironically, whoever wins this contest is going to have to be from the Quad-Cities, or willing to travel and get a night at the Radisson next door perhaps. Because the concert is here in Moline.

My therapist said she thought it was interesting that I was giving away tickets to Janet Jackson, of all musicians. She lost her brother to opioid addiction. Her family was as dysfunctional as they get. No doubt the woman has suffered abuse.
And yet she always has just shrugged everything off and carried on like it’s no big deal. She’s a survivor.

Can I get a, GO JANET!

Tell me, in 300 words or less, how you find inspiration in Janet Jackson. Also tell me why you follow my page, I’m just curious about that. Remember, THESE TICKETS ARE FOR A CONCERT IN MOLINE, IL! MUST BE LOCAL OR SEMI-LOCAL TO WIN!

You also can’t enter without liking my Facebook page first if you haven’t already. Who can blame me!

Submit your entry by clicking here. You can copy and paste your entry into the submission (comment portion) of the form. Don’t try to attach it.

Each Friday, I’ll pick which essay I consider best and publish it on my website. You will all get to vote by clicking and sharing which essays you think are best. At the end, I’ll share the metrics of which essay got the most clicks, and that person will win the contest.

Since the concert is Oct. 25, submission deadline will be Aug. 25. All entries that are finalists will be published by the end of August. Voting will end Oct. 1, and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Must be 21 years older to enter. I am not liable for a damned thing, including anything that happens before, during or after the concert. Responsible adults only encouraged to enter.

Personal friends can enter by Hallmark card

Now, if you’re a friend of mine, which I make the call who is and who isn’t, you can’t enter. Because that’s just not fair.

But I certainly haven’t made my mind up about who I’m going to take. I have absolutely no idea, in fact. Send a nice little Hallmark card explaining why you would like to be my guest. For sure it’s going to be someone who at least knows my address. Plus, it will be fun to see if any Hallmark cards come.

It has to be Hallmark! By God if you’re going to a Janet Jackson concert with me you better care enough to send the very best.

In all seriousness, I bet Janet Jackson keeps people at a distance, too. But she keeps on moving.

And she keeps us moving.



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