DavidHeitz.com tallies 20,000th hit before its first year live

Late yesterday, my website tally topped 20,000. You can see it right here on the home page. Scroll to the bottom of the home page on the left-hand side. I’ve made the count visible.

I launched the site last August with this blog post. In it, I talk about my book, which WILL get written eventually.

But in many ways, the website already is the book. I’m making the book harder than it is. I’ve been chronicling the entire caregiving journey in columns for several years. Because Healthline Contributors and Caregiver Relief no longer are live, and gave me permission to reprint, many chapters of the story already are written and now exist on my site.

Then there are the pieces I have written exclusively to the site, with the most viewed post ever being, hands down: What really happened in the Rock Island County jail while I was held two days on no charges at all, emotionally tortured, and kept away from my sick dad? Finally, my tell-all.

While I won’t divulge specific numbers, suffice it to say that column has the most hits of all the pages on my site. By far. Way far.

Jail post most popular, but what about the next top five?

The next five posts behind it, in order of hits:

Chronic Lyme hornet’s nest still buzzing at physician conference in San Diego

Village Inn corporate HQ, famed pot hotel next-door neighbors in Denver

I legally bought weed today at this dispensary in Milan, Ill. Thank you Lord.

It’s the mother of all triggers, but it’s my courthouse, too: Why I’m here today

First year without dad: When it’s down to just you, you better like you. Thank God, I do. Or, “What happened to me when I was held in the Rock Island County Jail naked, for two days, on no charges at all? Part II”

Website doubles as online portfolio of paid work

Publishers already have expressed great interest in my book, and they love authors with social media followings. All told, I now have about 8,000 followers across various social media platforms, including more than 4,200 on Facebook.

I also use my website as an online portfolio of my paid writing work. Click to see my:

Celebrity interviews

Addiction/recovery portfolio

Mental health/wellness portfolio

Dementia, aging, caregiving portfolio

Public health/infectious diseases portfolio

At any rate, I just wanted to celebrate this YUGE milestone with all of you this Monday morning.

Twenty thousand hits before the first year, even.

I see good things ahead!

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