Keeping seniors active and connected, Great Call wins blog award

Photo courtesy Pixabay

Who doesn’t enjoy bragging about being part of something good?

While my contribution to the site has been small, I can’t help but boast that Great Call’s Currents blog has won the Today’s Caregiver Magazine Caregiver Friendly Award.

“We are honored that Great Call Currents was named a Caregiver Friendly Award winner,” said David Inns, CEO, Great Call. “Family caregivers — more than 18 percent of the U.S. population — have an increasingly difficult role. Great Call is proud to help support them with this important resource.”

“The average caregiver is responsible for over $40,000 in health-related expenditures each year, in either personal or directed funds,” said Gary Barg, editor-in-chief, Today’s Caregiver. “This award is designed to help family caregivers recognize and reward those organizations who will care for them in as committed a manner as they care for their loved ones.”

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Perhaps more importantly, Great Call also has published a white paper about how seniors are lonelier than ever. It sounds an alarm for the need for technological solutions to keep them connected.

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Many years prior to dad ending up in a facility, my brother and I discussed tricking dad into showing him how to send an email. Dad was wise to our plan, cussed us, and said not to ever buy him computer. He said he would throw it in the Dumpster if we did.

No doubt, dad thought he never would be able to work a computer, or a cell phone. For whatever reason, many elderly people find cell phones even more intimidating than a computer.

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All dad ever really wanted was company. The Great Call white paper confirms there is nothing unusual about such a desire. Citing abundant scientific research, it declares that loneliness is a health hazard to older Americans.

It also shows that now is the time to get seniors connected. But how?

Great Call suggests simple telephone interfaces, a variety of styles and services, and quality call center employees.

“Employees are trained on how to provide information and also understand what an older adult may be experiencing – but may not be saying,” the paper reports.

You can read the paper for yourself by clicking here.

Of course, these are exactly the types of services Great Call provides.

To learn more about Great Call and to check out its award-winning blog, go to


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