Bio Jesus is God’s gift to us, after all. Holy cow, it’s good.

I’m safe at home now with Bio Jesus.

Anybody who relies on God and Jesus every single day as much as I do may also enjoy the Bio Jesus medical cannabis strain by Cresco Laboratories. Bio Jesus is an indica strain labeled “Rest.”

Who knows, maybe it works for heathens, too! I am just kidding. But maybe it does!

At any rate, after abstaining this weekend from the medicinal weed, today I was able to eke out enough greenbacks for a gram of Bio Jesus. It’s a bit pricey for sure, but now I understand why.

I could never put a price on my relationship with Jesus, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the medical cannabis strain also conveys rich rewards of the spirit.

I have not felt so clear and good and confident and well in a very long time. But I woke up that way, too. Although this is even better!

I encountered one nasty person today, but their venom is annihilated by all the gracious people in my life. And there are so many. Those who have stuck by me through the worst symptoms of my now-obvious lifelong PTSD. Anybody who has known me since childhood knows this. Most of them are good.

I will put on some music when I’m done with this piece, and then I will really be loving life. I played hermit this weekend, yet it was restful. I like to walk around my block. Today a neighbor called over and we had a lovely chat. She was out with another neighbor who recently sold her house. They are such nice ladies.

I took another lap around the block and there were all. three. ladies. I kid you not, from this long-ago piece I wrote for the Quad-City Times about my neighborhood.

These three robust women – all chatting and loving life during this beautiful morning in my beautiful neighborhood – have lived here 50, 60, and 70 years respectively!!!

I told them I would have been here 47 years had I never left. And now I am here again.

In my beautiful safe home. And I cry as I write this as I am so overcome with gratitude to God, my parents, and everyone who has helped me find God.

This was supposed to be a review of medical cannabis strain Bio Jesus. I hope it served the purpose.

God bless!



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