Cannabis K-Cup far better than an Ativan drip for breakthrough anxiety

You can watch the accompanying video at David’s Facebook page, @DavidHeitzHealth.

I never have had an injection of valium into the buttocks, but I have been placed on an Ativan drip in the crisis center of a hospital before. Twice.

One cannabis K-Cup is far more effective than an Ativan drip. I can tell you that already.

In what I can only describe as a complete relaxation of the body and mind, one cup of this coffee gets you to a happy place.

At least it does for me. More importantly, it gets you there very, very quickly. I would say less than five minutes after the first swallow.

And it’s perfectly delicious coffee. There is no cannabis taste at all.

But you feel the cannabis. I did drink the entire cup.

Each K-Cup contains 10 milligrams of THC. But don’t think, well, that’s like the content of the weed dad used to smoke. When you consume THC via edibles or, in this case, a beverage, the effects are hard and fast.

I bought the medium roast “Donut Blend” K-Cup by CannaCafe. While $25.99 for three K-Cups is a very steep price, I think I am going to try to always have one K-Cup on hand in the event of an anxiety or panic attack. Nothing I know of possibly could be more effective for breakthrough symptoms. Unless maybe a shot of valium into the buttocks.

Whatever you do, don’t drink one of these and go into the office! Or go anywhere at all!

I suspect my tolerance is relatively high, and yet I have to lie down. But for me, such deep relaxation is welcome. I will meditate or pray and play some music.

Have a wonderful day!

Editor’s note: I never made it to my iPad from my laptop to play the music. I fell back asleep and slept another two and a half hours. I am going to run the K-Cup through a second time AFTER I completes my errands. :-I highly recommend trying the K-Cups for breakthrough anxiety symptoms if you are a registered medical cannabis patient in your state.

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