Green Crack: Blisters on my feet, 2,500 words on a sheet

Like a true addict, there was no way I could say no to the crack.

Green Crack, that is.

Green Crack is a strain of medical cannabis. It is cultivated by GoldLeaf.

I have heard people rave about this strain. But as someone who was addicted to crystal meth from 1997 until 2001, and easily could have had a heart attack (once or twice I think I did) while tweaking, I don’t think kindly of the “crack” vernacular being applied to anything medicinal.

Names like this strain’s are one of the biggest stigmatizing forces the medical cannabis industry faces, if you ask me.

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What’s the flip side?

The flip side is that the addict in me absolutely has been wanting to check it out. If it’s called “crack,” and if people like it that much, something tells me I may find it pleasurable. And it’s legal!

Hmmmm. Irresponsible marketing? Not really. The stoner vernacular is to describe a strain as exactly how, well, a stoner sees it I guess. Bio Jesus. Girl Scout Cookies. Ghost Train. Etc.

That’s another blog post for later this week.

At any rate, experimenting with uppers is what led me down addiction’s beaten path. It was all fun and games on the dance floor in the beginning. You can read about my struggle with crystal methamphetamine by clicking here.

Green Crack helps sick, weary rise from bed

I certainly would not compare Green Crack to crystal meth or crack cocaine. However, it does hit me in the groin and make me horny, like crystal meth always did. I do not feel the least bit impaired cognitively. I do have quite a bit of energy, especially considering I got up at 3:30 a.m. and it is now almost 1 p.m.

Who would need something labeled “Crack” as medicine, one might ask. Well, for starters, how about depressed people? Or for that matter, anyone with a condition so debilitating, be it from physical or mental pain, that they don’t even want to get out of bed each day.

Do you know what that feels like? I do. But it has been a good many years since I have felt that way.

You do kind of wonder how “green” can make you feel like this. I understand it has to do with terpenes, the sativa strain, etc. Still, it definitely is an ampy feeling, but without any of the harsh side effects you would find in unnatural uppers like meth, or dirty ones like crack.

Add Moroccan melt for three, two, one…ignition…

However, like a true addict, it wasn’t enough for me to simply smoke the Green Crack flower. As a grand finale, I sprinkled Turbo Lemon Cake Moroccan melt atop one final bowl.

Now that is quite something. I just power-walked three laps around the block. I have plenty to do here inside the house as well.

Green Crack effectively powered me into the tenth, eleventh and 12th hours of my workday today. When coupled with Turbo Lemon Cake Moroccan melt by Revolution Cannabis, the power-walk laps around the block served as an effective cardiovascular routine in between writing cannabis blogs and book chapters.

Green Crack contains large amounts of psychoactive THC. For people suffering from anxiety or mental illness, such a strain could induce psychosis and other undesirable effects.

I have been high strung most all my life, but in the past week feel better than I have in years. I found the Green Crack to be a fun supplement to my day that resulted in increased productivity.

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David Heitz is a freelance writer for Contently, which provides America’s most recognizable brands with the finest content in the world.

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