Get Rythm, when you get the blues … Strawberry Cough or Brownie Scout

From day one, I have been more relieved than surprised that the Illinois Quad-Cities has a medical cannabis dispensary.

Rock Island was the home of Prohibition-era gangster John Looney, after all. Nobody goes without their substances here, that’s for sure. Legal or not.

But in addition to the dispensary, Nature’s Treatment of Illinois located in Milan, did you know there is a cultivation center located right in my hometown of Rock Island? It’s not far from the dispensary, in fact.

The brand they produce there is called Rythm Research. Seems like such a fitting name for a cannabis company located in Rock Vegas – I mean, Rock Island, Ill.

And let me tell you something. This Rock Island cannabis line? It’s a mighty fine line.

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Rythm Research makes some of the most dependable strains on the Illinois medical cannabis market, if you ask me.

Rythm Research makes Pre-98 Bubba Kush, for example. Pre-98 Bubba Kush, a high-CBD strain pretty much regarded as a PTSD go-to, is how I got off the benzodiazepines during that harrowing month of detox when my card first came. You can read all about that by clicking here.

Friendly NTI budtender Devon explained to me today that Kush strains tend to be high in pinene. After posting last night about terpenes, it occurred to me how much I enjoy high-pinene strains. So today I went in looking for the highest pinene strains they have at the dispensary.

Some of them I already had tried before, such as Gorilla Glue. So today I came home with Strawberry Cough sativa (daytime use) strain.

Strawberry sativa forever

Devon whipped out his Smart Phone and read this about Strawberry Cough on Leafly: Happy, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, energetic.

You can check out Leafly’s review for yourself by clicking right here.
I can’t say I felt a whole lot of psychoactivity from smoking it (pinene generally promotes alertness), at least not as first, as I went from deciding how I wanted to spend my day to spending in laying on the couch.

Then, a three-hour nap.

And yet, there’s not a thing wrong with that. It occurs to me – most people don’t work on weekends!

Strawberry cough tastes absolutely delicious. I got up and smoked some more after my nap, then took a nice, long walk to the dollar store. Check out my bounty of stoner accoutrements pictured with the Rhythm cannabis packages.

I feel positive and upbeat…it’s all any of us can ever hope for. To be honest, I haven’t really been wanting to leave my house much because I have been pretty triggered this week. So, it really was sort of a big step to go out walking today.

Strawberry Cough is 16.45 percent THC, 1.22 percent CBD. It cost me $40 for an eighth at NTI.

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Why people with PTSD isolate

Not to digress, but I wonder if other people with PTSD have similar phobias about going out. The last things we want is for anyone to honk at us while we’re out walking (horns are a startling pain the a**) or to have people approach us and say, “Are you doing better? How’s it going? What’s new with (whatever caused us to have PTSD).”

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It’s so much easier for us to just isolate. People are well intentioned, but if someone with PTSD is avoiding eye contact with you in public, it’s best to leave them alone.

Maybe not a great long-term solution, but I’m avoiding anything that could potentially be upsetting at all right now. Even telephone conversations.

If people with PTSD are avoiding others, it can mean they prefer the inherent serenity of solitude. It doesn’t always mean they are in some terrible space.

I’m getting by pretty well under the circumstances. And I admit I’m smoking a lot of cannabis.

I plan to enjoy Black Hawk State Historic site next week. Check out my Mapquest Travel story about Black Hawk State Historic Site.

Brownie Scout a bedtime strain

Another Rythm Research strain I purchased for the first time Friday is Brownie Scout. Brownie Scout is getting rave reviews from others with PTSD in my Illinois Medical Cannabis Facebook groups.

Brownie Scout, like Strawberry Cough, tastes incredibly delicious. Just like a brownie. But its effects are fast and wonderful.

Brownie Scout contains a whopping THC content of 28.01 percent, CBD 1.45 percent. However, it is an indica. So as the THC washes over your body, the calming effects generally lead to a nap at warp speed.

So, I need to wrap this up.

Brownie Scout cost me $25 per gram at NTI.

I still think Bio Jesus is my absolute favorite cannabis strain. The taste is intoxicating and unusual, unlike anything I ever have tasted before. And yet dreamy. And creamy! It does, it tastes sort of like ice cream.

That reminds me, I still haven’t sparked up my free Bio Jesus joint that I got as part of the Smoke Sessions special the dispensary ran this week.

That joint is a monster. It’s going to stink up the whole neighborhood!

Check out my review of Bio Jesus.

As always, I want to sign off by saying how grateful I am for my medical cannabis card. The cannabis not only helps me get a little more out of life each day due to its therapeutic effects, but I’m having great fun writing about it. Hopefully everyone is learning something!

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