Ataraxia’s potent, tasty Gold Leaf brand cultivates medical cannabis fit for royalty

There is no doubt in my mind that Ataraxia’s Gold Leaf, hands down, is the finest medical cannabis brand in Illinois.

Gold Leaf isn’t a brand I normally purchase, however. At least it wasn’t before last week.

I have tried some Gold Leaf high-CBD strains including ACDC and White Harmony and haven’t been terribly impressed. Not that it was bad, by any means! Just not bowled over one way or another. Probably because they were CBD strains, let’s face it. Effective isn’t always memorable when it doesn’t get you high. And that’s not always a bad thing!

However, I did buy a gram of Gold Leaf Green Crack a while back and wrote this review. I was impressed and shocked by how you can get so much energy out of marijuana.

I also had tried Grand Doggy Purps recently and found myself taken in by the delicious taste and generally euphoric feeling, which is followed by a nap every time you smoke it. It’s an easy way down from a PTSD trigger, into a nap, and on to moving past it all when you wake up.

So, when the dispensary had a “Gold Leaf Flower Flight” special that included a gram of five different Gold Leaf strains, including Green Crack and Grand Doggy Purps, I couldn’t say no for $70.

I’m so glad I didn’t. If I had, I never would have learned about Magnificent Mile.

Magnificent Mile

From the second I opened the bag, I knew it was going to be incredible stuff. It has a Middle Eastern smell. It actually is subtitled “Iranian Landrace.”

Another intoxicating strain that I ran across in Colorado that I also have purchased here is called Durban Poison. It also has Middle Eastern roots and literally makes my eyes roll up inside my head.

Magnificent Mile takes me even further.

Admittedly, it’s a recreational trip. Holy wow. Loads of profundity, problem-solving ideas, everything you might remember about the first time you smoked pot 30 years ago. That’s Magnificent Mile, LOL!

I definitely could never smoke this in a group unless I was with someone very, very special who was my best friend. I would get way too paranoid.

However, by myself I was laughing so hard I was rolling on the floor. When I would laugh, it literally would pop the joints in my back that had relaxed along with the muscles from the weed.

I seriously am that tense a person. When I smoke weed, my back relaxes enough that when I take a deep breath, my back will pop. It’s alarming to people who hear me do it, but to me it’s instant relief!

I found an extraordinarily heightened sense of smell and sound while smoking Magnificent Mile. When the air conditioning kicked on once I thought a jet plane was flying low over my house.

Again, like the first time you smoked pot. Oh, the stories we all have.

I was in a basement in Laguna Beach, Calif. in 1993 and I saw a head on a door. Yes, like The Cure song. I was lying in bed and I opened my eyes and saw a head on a door. I thought a human being was hanging from a hook on a door.

In fact, it was a hat, on a hook, on a door.

Magnificent Mile actually is an indica, although I found it very stimulating and wildly trippy. THC is 28.75 percent, which is pretty high.

Grand Doggy Purps

As powerful a strain as Magnificent Mile is, Grand Doggy Purps is the same, but different. Just total and complete relaxation, with scrumptious flower that truly makes your mouth water even after that first hit.

The terpene myrcene found in Grand Doggy Purps relaxes the muscles and induces sleep. Again, just what the doctor ordered for me.


G6, also known as “Jet Fuel,” is some stimulating sativa. It has a powerful, unusual, sort of citrusy taste. The bud itself feels as soft as a kitty cat’s fur.

Although G6 motivated me to mow the lawn, the euphoric, energetic high was very smooth and not at all jittery.

Green Crack

It’s just as it sounds. It’s mental alertness, energy, and clarity.


Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid, yet it gives me plenty of energy. Like all the rest of the Gold Leaf cannabis, the taste is out of this world. It gave me a relaxing body high after I was done mowing, which led to a 30-minute cat nap after a refreshing shower.

The Gold Leaf Flower Flight variety pack is a must-buy. Go on, you deserve it!

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