Today’s lecture: Not becoming a medical cannabis addict

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It has been a wild week.

So, this morning, I honestly asked myself: How has the marijuana impacted it?

First, to bring you up to date, yesterday I was offered and accepted a full-time job. I don’t want to get into what the job was, but you might be able to figure it out. It sounded like a lot of fun, but from the beginning I only was interested in the writing part, and not a full-time position. I told them that, but then was basically told full-time or nothing.

At any rate, the gig fell through during the contract phase because I wanted Escrow protection on Upwork. In my view, it was too much money each week to be left to chance, and unfortunately, I know what it feels like to wait weeks, even months, to be paid.

I don’t play that game anymore, so I insist on protection of some sort. For the past two years at least 80 percent of my income came from Contently. On that platform, you are paid the very second you hit “submit.” Before an editor even looks at it.

Indeed, it is a writer’s dream. Thank God I still have one client on Contently who I am extremely grateful for. I have worked hard to become a Contently writer. I didn’t start doing this last night, lol!

On Upwork, guaranteed payment is called Escrow protection. Some Upwork clients offer it, some don’t. In this case, the client offered it on the first and second assignments that were “trials,” but would not offer it on my weekly paycheck. Keep in mind, Upwork gets 20 percent of that paycheck. So, for the client not to offer Escrow protection…forget it!

So, what does this all have to do with marijuana? Maybe nothing, but I’m going to blog about it anyway. Because regardless of whether medical cannabis influenced what happened yesterday (and it probably didn’t…because the Escrow thing was the deal breaker), there still are important lessons to learn.

Remember that marijuana is medicine

Having the contract fall through yesterday did a number on me. It was needless angst.

When I had gone to the dispensary, I purchased cannabis I just wanted to “try out” because I had customer loyalty points.

Lesson No. 1: When you get a medical cannabis card, only buy what you know works for your medical condition. If you want to play around with a strain of something else as a treat, only buy a gram and never experiment while working.

That may seem like common sense, but wait until you get that medical cannabis card, boy!

So, for me, with PTSD, all I really need is some inexpensive Shelby County flower with a high CBD content. I do like THC in the mix too, but not beyond a 1:1 ratio with the CBD.

For treats, yes, bring on the wacky. But even then, stick to wacky strains that you know won’t jack you up.

I am not a doctor and never purport to be offering sound medical advice in any story I write. I do know about medical research, however, and am not a Johnny Come Lately in that regard.

For me, a nice, harmless 5 p.m. “treat” in addition to CBD and low-THC cannabis is a Magnificent Mile shorty joint. And I have decided that when money allows I may have one at 5 p.m. each day. Right now, money does not allow. BUT…I still have two shorty joints of MM!

MM has a THC content of a whopping 30 percent. Yet, it simply makes me giggle hysterically and then go to sleep Which explains why I have been falling asleep during the world news and waking up at 11:30 each night.

Last night I rolled over, went back to bed, and woke up at 4:30 a.m .like clockwork. Nine or ten hours of sleep solved a lot of my problems.

PTS brand weed, for me, induces mania

I know I do not like anything from a cultivator called PTS (Progressive Treatment Solutions). Seriously!

The last time I had a horrid career day was the day I quit Vital Updates. That day I had gone to the dispensary and also purchased a PTS strain. Sativa.

All I know is, yesterday I also had been smoking a PTS Sativa. Again. And as for Vital Updates, I had been wanting to quit since the day I got my inheritance, to be honest. I had worked 16-hour days for four years until I lost Foundations due to them leaving Contently in June. I often forget they have agreed to be a reference. Perhaps I need to wave that around when I apply for gigs.

Actually, yesterday I handled the exchange on Upwork with complete professionalism. That, even after the other party accused me of having mental illness for turning the job down. So, I’m proud of that, and that’s progress.

Here’s the deal: Sativas put me on edge, PTS strains especially. Maybe I need to get a clue and stop purchasing Sativas!

Or maybe I just need to stop purchasing PTS. Even the Las Vegas Kush puts me on edge, with a THC level of only 15 percent.

Remember, even a sober addict is an addict

Depending on the laws in your state, when you get your medical cannabis card you probably will become eligible to purchase any wacky strain out there. Some of them, you will learn, absolutely are not for you.

While Sativas might help people with depression, for all other types of mental illness, I suspect they ought to be avoided entirely. Sativas stimulate the mind. Some of us don’t need any additional stimulation.

An addict is always an addict whether they are actively using or not. And any substance can be addictive and wreak havoc in an addict’s life. Sugar can do it, for example.

And we already know weed is addictive. Nobody even tries to dispute that even more. It’s why we have to take tolerance timeouts, which I will be embarking on as soon as my current supply runs dry. By necessity, if for no other reason!

Medical cannabis in Illinois is very expensive. It is very easy to get carried away with your card when it comes, and you can find yourself in big trouble really quick.

And if something has impacted your pocketbook and you know you really like it a lot, the addiction alarm should go off and you should step back. Even if it’s mostly good for you.

I hope you listened to this lecture, David Heitz!

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