When you’re ready to blow, Fukitol SR…or Kavalier Cookies

A long time ago, a former bartender and carnival worker gave me a shirt labeled “Fukitol. Once daily and you forget about all your problems.”

Of course, it was a picture of a pill, and it looked like a Pharma ad. He got it at one of the carnivals he worked at with the owner of the bar next door to the one he worked at. Confused? He worked at Mary’s, the other bar owner operated Liquid, next door, at one time.

Let me just say that I got me some FUKITOL cannabis right now, and thank GOD! after what I just saw on the news!


Anyhow, I HEARD this man was working as a jailer at one time, but then I heard he was back at the carnival.

At any rate, my mind went to him and Fukitol after watching the news report of Bill Boom being sentenced to two weeks of community service, $5,000, and two years’ probation.

That’s PTSD. And for all I know I have my dad’s disease too, and will be dead at a very young age. It would explain the creativity, the one-liners, and my willingness to say absolutely anything and everything.

But hell, I’m going to own my anger right now, and not blame it on any brain disease that might land me in a nursing home! But hey, this is the first time I ever have brought it up. When my brother and I were speaking, he brought it up all the time. He’s older, he’s sicker, and he’s very, very scared.

Wouldn’t that be something if my brother had nothing to do with what happened to me. If it were public officials who are refusing to take personal responsibility?

My UAW/UFCW dead parents will strike them with lightning eventually, so I don’t really give a shee-ot. They’re busted. They’re either going to kill me or it will blow over.

When donkeys fly out of my butt.

Kavalier Cookies, yum, yum

So, right now, I am stoned on Kavalier Cookies, wheeee! This would be a 30 percent THC strain – oh yeah, baby, like at the end of a story!

– 30 —


Kavalier Cookies by Rythm GTI – Yes! The cultivator right here in Rock Vegas! – is a HYBRID between Pre-98 Bubba Kush – the legendary cure-all for people with PTSD, with a high CBD-THC ratio – AND Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, which is the recreational strain that’s all the rage right now from coast to coast.

YAY! I’m going to do a quick number, and then I’ll be back to test the next strain – ALIEN ROCK CANDY! I’ve never tried that one.

Sorry for the all caps, I’m stoned and being silly.


Alien Rock Candy

Wow. I just completed a full orbit on Alien Rock Candy. These long-form joints pack a whopping 30 percent THC also. They are by Cresco, which I love.

I sparked up and a former friend of mine, and a devoted friend of the man on the news today, left an extremely nasty message on my Facebook page.

I got scared and called the cops, and they’re coming, and they’re always here anyway but seldom do we speak anymore.

Then I’m like, who cares. Who really cares.


It is some DANK in here and the cops are coming, so I’ll see you later. Even though I’m legal…


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