I always knew I liked Dana Rohrabacher. Now he’s protecting my medical cannabis

Oh. Yes. He. Did.

U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Newport Beach, just called out Jeff Sessions and his fellow Republicans.

“I should not need to remind our chief law enforcement officer nor my fellow Republicans that our system of federalism, also known as states’ rights, was designed to resolve just such a fractious issue,” he wrote in The Washington Post, as reported here by The Cannabist. You’ve got to check it out for yourself…when you’re done reading my piece.

Back to the honorable Rep. Rohrabacher, a surfer dude in his 70s:

“Our party still bears a blemish for wielding the ‘states rights’ crudgel against civil rights,” he warned Sessions, et al. “If we bury state autonomy in order to deny patients an alternative to opioids, and ominously federalize our police, our hypocrisy will deserve the American people’s contempt.”


I can’t get much more affirmation than that. I have been a completely outspoken advocate for using marijuana to treat addiction since the day I left the Fortune 500 chain of rehab centers and psychiatric hospitals that I wrote for until June. They were awesome, they paid me well, they know about my cannabis card, and I have not one bad thing to say about them.

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And saying anything good probably isn’t kosher right now either. I’ll say this. Rehab works for a lot of people, and if you think it may work for you or someone you love, the chain I wrote for is the only chain I even would recommend trying. If you’re that interested, you know who they are!

Shameless plug for another former employer: I recently learned The Cannabist is owned by The Denver Post, which is owned by Digital First/MediaNews Group. I worked for the Press-Telegram in Long Beach, Calif. just a month after its purchase by MediaNews from Knight-Ridder. It was a tumultuous time at the newspaper, and in my life, too, but somehow I channeled it into that high-stress job that paid great money.

It was only high stress because that was the nature of the job – copy desk chief for an a.m. edition in the 1990s, under new ownership and new production procedures, was a true challenge. I was up for it despite my personal problems, and the company was just really good to me. I left to go to the Detroit News, then owned by Gannett. Who owns it now? DigitalFirst/MediaNews!

But before I wrap up the first edition of “Your Morning Bowl” with David Heitz (I’d love to have time to do this every day!), I want to elaborate on why Rep. Rohrabacher’s words mean so much to me. They mean a lot not only because he is a Republican, (Gasp! I am a Republican, too…a gay one, even) but because I used to cover Rohrabacher as a reporter for the Orange Coast Daily Pilot in 1993.

In my community, mum’s the word from Dems

In my own home district, I am not hearing boo about medical cannabis from my Democratic legislators. I suspect they could care less about this social issue, because the truth is, they’re not true social Democrats. They are career politicians whose only interest is staying in office.

There is a long and storied history where I live. It’s frighteningly corrupt. So this former radical liberal homosexual (I was executive news editor of the historic Advocate gay newsmagazine in 1997-98) voted a straight Republican ticket for the first time in November.

I don’t regret it.

To quote Rohrabacher, “Surprisingly, given the Obama administration’s generally liberal approach to marijuana, its Justice Department tried to interpret the amendment in such a convoluted way as to allow counterproductive raids on marijuana dispensaries….This, despite President Donald Trump’s belief, made clear in his campaign and as president, that states alone should decide medical marijuana policies.”

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If it seems like I have made an awful lot of connections and met an awful lot of famous and high-profile people through the years, it’s because I have.

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As a reporter for the Newport Beach-Costa Mesa Daily Pilot, I had the true pleasure of speaking with and even shaking the hand of Rep. Rohrabacher a few times. A true compassionate conservative. A great guy.

Man, I’m smiling over this affirmation today. If I could plop my family home down on a plot of land in Newport Beach…BELIEVE ME!

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