Amazing joints delight $12 per day medical cannabis consumer

If you never have listened to Trent Cantrelle’s “Sounds Like Radio” on SoundCloud, you should! I’m really grooving this morning, and feeling GOOD!

Along those lines, welcome to … Your Morning Bowl. I’m David Heitz.

I’ll be building up the nerve the next few days to broadcast one of these live. Maybe.

Today I want to talk about $12 joints. Now, for those who have known me a long time, primarily people from the bar I frequented from 2002 until 2013, I lived a long time on $12 a day.

And I never have said it, and I need to. People at that bar treated me like gold and bought me drinks because that is what I wanted. I am grateful for their generosity. I have many old friends from the bar and I am sad I probably never will speak with any of them ever again. But it’s probably best for now, if not forever.

At any rate, I managed to make that $12 go awful far! Far enough to warm the bar stool open to close on many days.

Yes, it’s amazing I am alive.

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When I stopped going to the bar, for a while I bought dime bags from my regular dealer, every day. I told him I would much rather spend my $12 a day on weed than booze. He seemed to understand, and he certainly obliged with daily dime bags, which isn’t something most dealers ever would want to deal with.

But now, I can legally get weed. Weed that I know exactly what I’m getting. Weed that is labeled, taxed, and regulated by the state.

A-ma-zing weed. So, let’s get started.

Alien Bubba is out of this world

I’m clapping my hands and dancing around and just so, so grateful for my beautiful home, my lovely gadgets, my health, and for having lived such a full life. I thank God for that probably every half hour.

I woke up a couple of hours ago, a little triggered. I often wake up angry. I go to bed very, very early, and I sleep hard now that I have the medical cannabis. Then I wake up at odd hours. And yet, it’s working fine for me. How blessed to have a set-up like I do, working from home!

So, I sparked up an Alien Bubba joint. These $12, pre-rolled joints really hit the spot. And honestly…one a day is all I need!

Some of you are saying that’s an outrageous sum to spend. Not really. On your medication?

I honestly believe, and feel affirmed by, the fact that people do not question whether the cannabis has helped me. The posts don’t lie!

And let me say, there have been some triggers this week that in the past might have landed me in the hospital.

This Bud is your bud in Milan

SO grateful to the state of Illinois, my medical providers in the Quad-Cities, The Healing Clinic of Chicago, and last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the only King of Bud-king of bud side-by-side operation in the U.S., Stern Beverage and Nature’s Treatment of Illinois in the serene village of Milan!

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Aside from a sporadic, six-month relapse that ended in June and did not result in Armageddon, I have not had a drink since May 2014. I joke that darned Stern is going to get my money one way or another! Ha!

Now, it’s OK for a show called Your Morning Bowl to be a bit silly, I say. But for now, let’s wrap up with some serious talk about Alien Bubba.

Alien Bubba registers at about 25 percent THC for this joint. I could never in a zillion years replicate these incredibly snappy and accurate Leafly reviews, so I never will try! Here’s what Leafly, the bible of cannabis strains, says:

“Alien Bubba is the intergalactic cross of the renowned Bubba Kush and the heady space invader, Alien Kush. This two-fold Kush blend offers mellow sedation with a mental aura most would describe as introspective or meditative.”

I love it! And I still have two-thirds of the joint left. It is a gram of fine cannabis by Cresco Labs (love Cresco…love GTI…love GoldLeaf) in a pre-rolled joint. Now, I can’t roll a joint. I had a dealer give me a joint roller once. I am like…what THE HELL is this? But now I wish I would have kept it. It was retro and cool.

I’m finding Alien Bubba to be uplifting, when in fact it’s meant to be sedating. But I have told you folks I’m not quite right, which is why they gave me the weed card to begin with.

Until tomorrow…cheerio.

2 thoughts on “Amazing joints delight $12 per day medical cannabis consumer

    1. Well thank you, I appreciate that very, very much! It’s a lot of fun doing this each morning and gives me a reason to get up on days that are slow. I recently read in my American Society of Journalists and Authors magazine that writers should enjoy the slow times. Which is true, because I overdid it for a very long time. Personal projects may not make you rich, at least not a first, but they sure are satisfying! Problem is, when the cannabis is gone, watch out, LOL! I will just have to do a bitter episode of Your Morning Bowl when that happens, LOL.


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