Why is AT&T so awful? Because I was in cannabis withdrawals!

Photo by James Jester via Pixabay

Editor’s note: You might want to read the end first. Or not. This is a “before” and “after.” I decided to just leave it how it is. It’s insight into my mind before and after cannabis. I know all of you believe it’s effective for my PTSD, but there still are non-believers!


I had hoped I never would have to write this column, but now I see it is long overdue.

AT&T owes me at least $600. Instead, they have turned me into a collection agency for more than $300.

All of their branches and services are worthless. Customer service is deplorable across all verticals.

In fact, AT&T never has been at a lower point in its history. It is a national disgrace.

I will become triggered to kingdom come if I were to get into the vast ineptness of this failing utility. I had at least a year of almost no phone or internet service in my home. It cost me a client.

This, when I was giving AT&T $500 or month per more for mobility, home internet, and a land line that they said would cost me $39.95 and that ended up costing almost $400 and never had a dial tone from the day they put it in. But they said it did!

Why did I get a landline? Because AT&T said that would solve my ADT security system problem. You see, my ADT security system was not working because it also uses an AT&T cell tower.

I have that security system for peace of mind. Even if I am paranoid more times than not, my PTSD does not allow me to sleep many nights because I do not feel safe.

People who say “let it go” or “you’ve taken this too far” obviously don’t even believe that what happened, happened.

David only gets into trouble when David doesn’t listen to David.

I said that to the director of dad’s memory care institution once. She says, “You’re speaking in third person.”

Cunning narcissist. I used to surround myself with them.

AT&T is known for telling customers their equipment is working when it isn’t. In my case, I could never even report my internet and phone wasn’t working half the time, well, because my phone wasn’t working. My old cell phone, a Samsung S7 Edge, was constantly full of static and dropped calls from the very day I bought it.

I realize it wasn’t the Edge. I still didn’t like the phone. I love my S8 Plus though. Hope work picks up so I can continue to pay the gigantic bill!

Actually, the Edge was junk. I hated it from the first day I bought it. I dropped it once and it exploded just like a Note. That cost me a $300 deductible.

I dropped it a second time and the screen shattered. Then I got rid of it.

Oh. Oh. Now I see. Oh…I better pay that bill!

Now, ironically, I just sort of worked something out in my head and I am less angry. I probably had an early contract termination with AT&T, and that might be what they turned me into collections for. Because they did issue me two checks after I wrote detailed complaints about both my mobile account and wi fi accounts.

For almost the entire time I had AT&T, I had no reception in my house on my cell phone. They admitted this, and even sent a microcell to fix it. It never worked from day one.

I almost never had Internet service. Every time I would call, the overseas customer service rep would say things I do not understand. They would pretend not to hear me, and then hang up.

This is their M.O. folks. If they’ve done it to you, raise hell!

I have a hysterical Twitter conversation with multiple customer service reps. They would talk in circles, assure you the problem has been handled, said they would talk to a manager, someone would be calling, etc. etc.

The AT&T stores are worse than used car dealerships in the 1970s.

They sold me a special customer service package for my business. I called 611 once, and lo and behold I got a familiar voice on the other end.

I wasn’t too happy. I called AT&T about this and their only concern was that this contracted company did not answer the phone “AT&T.” However, they did put me on a plan where real AT&T customer service reps handled my business from there on out.


Bye-bye, DirecTV

Yesterday I canceled my DirecTV service, which is a subsidiary of AT&T. I am not ever doing business with AT&T or any of its subsidiaries ever again.

I was informed I’ll be charged $260 for canceling my DirecTV service, which I’ve had well over a year.

LOL. America is too smart for this. I have no doubt they’ll be losing customers in droves in the months ahead, and that they have already. This happened to them once before, after the federally ordered breakup of AT&T that ushered in an era of freedom for all of us.

They are a nasty, manipulative company that will do absolutely anything to make money. This is not our parents’ AT&T. Not even close!


Hello, DIrecTV

I just reconnected my DirecTV. The young lady might have been overseas, and if so, lucky me. She was incredibly sweet and delightful.

I told her I was writing a nasty blog about AT&T, and then as I went through all the records (I keep EVERYTHING!!) I realized I’ve been turned into collections for an early termination fee, most likely.

And the phone was broken. Again. The explosive S7 series.

Work is picking up on Upwork really fast, but it’s still a struggle. I’m not making that Fortune 500 money anymore! There’s going to have to be lots of volume.

SO, THIS INTERNET CONNECTION BETER HOLD OUT! So far, Verizon has done a semi-consistent job. It’s better than Mediacom and AT&T.

But I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination, and I actually do very well under struggle. I obviously enjoy a minimalist life.

People get old and change, ya know?

Considering the DirecTV disconnection fee was $264 for early termination, I think I made the responsible decision to reconnect it at $50 per month.

Thank God for medical cannabis to tame an angry working American.

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