Am I happy with my metal roof? Heck yeah! Thirty years of savings will add up

Editor’s note: File this under ‘When writers don’t write the obvious.’ Everybody asks about my red metal roof. Never have I blogged about it. Until right now.

before roof

The before and after pictures are striking. They are courtesy of QC General, who did a bang-up incredible job on my roof, windows, and much of the interior of my home.

But the roof is signature. Great job, QC General!

I can get a little paranoid at times. It doesn’t help when people who drive by your house for the first time often slow down and rubberneck because it’s just…well, cool.

So now instead of getting paranoid, when people drive slow by the house and gawk at it, I say, “Hello! Why, yes, thank you! Yes, it is beautiful home, a gift from my parents.”

october house

Is it Whitey’s? Is it Hungry Hobo? No! It’s my ‘Cool as H’ house!

I Ubered home from the dispensary a bit ago with my favorite ‘mom driver,’ as I call her.

“There it is! The pretty red and white house,” she said as she pulled up.

Nothing makes me bat my eyes more fluttericiously than when somebody compliments my house.

And then she asked about the roof, as everyone does.

“Do you like having a metal roof?”

Heck yeah, I do!

I love my metal roof. I can’t say one bad thing about it.

There’s the obvious: It’s so cool!

Perhaps it’s not for everyone. But I suspect many people, like my dad (it was all his idea) think those metal roofs are practical, too.

They are practical.

Insurance savings rolls off roof and into my pocket

I bet you didn’t know your homeowner’s insurance plunges when you put a quality metal roof on your house.  Mine dove about 20 percent.

I have the same nationwide insurer as probably a third of you reading this, if not more.

These roofs, on top of being guaranteed not to fade for 30 years (by then my eyesight will have severely faded anyway), also are impact resistant.

If you neighbor’s chimney is hurled into your roof during a tornado, it will bounce right off and end up going through someone else’s roof.

Well, hopefully not. But you get my point.

Rollerblading on the roof

People wonder if it sounds like a tin can inside when it rains. As my contractor always said, “It’s like a full pop can. Not any empty pop can.”

Which is the perfect way to describe the sound. There’s a metallic hint, but not in an annoying way.

The roof is put on over the top of your old roof. It’s not just metal separating you and the sky!

When I worked at the Quad-City Times, a big-box building with a metal roof, it always sounded like people were roller skating on the roof when it rained. It was more of a “whirrrrrrr” sound.

In my house when it’s raining (but only when it’s raining hard), it sounds the same, really, just on a much smaller scale.

It sounds very nice when it rains, actually. I love it.

I love everything about my house, and my roof.

There are a couple of things about the roof that do, um, make me sit up in bed sometimes. Occasionally you will hear snaps and cracks that are very loud. I don’t know if it is settling or what. It’s loud enough that I go outside and make sure it’s still attached.

Yes, I’m serious!

But I’m not worried about it. There’s nothing wrong with my roof. Someone told me it has to do with heat reflecting on the roof.

Airport sound heavily magnified

The other thing you might not expect is that when an airplane flies overhead it is LOUDER than it was with the shingled roof. Much louder.

I live directly in the flight path (and not terribly far from the runway) of the Quad-City International Airport. Thankfully, as those of us who live here know, it’s not really an “international airport” by a traveler’s definition.

And I’m very grateful for that!

But there is enough activity that, coupled with my metal roof, I never forget it’s there anymore. Which isn’t a problem. I love aviation.

But it will wake me up if I’m napping. I think the last flight lands at 11 p.m. and the first flight leaves between 5 and 6 a.m.

Plane landing

Bored regional sales reps float over Nature’s Treatment of Illinois in preparation for landing at MLI. They silently but excitedly anticipate recreational marijuana approval, expected next year.

Cool tidbit about my house: I can hear that first airplane take off in the morning from the second its jets start firing to when it’s roaring over the top of my house. While I live close to the airport (a mile as the crow flies I would guess), you wouldn’t expect I could so clearly hear that up by St. Pius Church.

I also live next to a hospital with a very busy helipad. The helicopters, in fact, make an even more eerie, loud sound than the airplanes now that I have my metal roof.

Honestly, it does startle me quite a bit sometimes.

How much does a metal roof cost?

By my experience, a metal roof will cost you at least double the price of a quality shingle roof. I have a small house, which made it possible for me, thanks to my dad.

I paid a little more than $8,000 for my roof. That’s a bargain. It never will need replaced. The house insurance went down about 20 percent.

And, the roof is just cool! It comes in many colors. Some that make a statement, like mine. Others more muted.

The shutters actually do exactly match the roof, but the sun has to be hitting the house just right to see that. The metal roof changes hues through the day, and the shadows from the tree distort the color of the shutters.

I also had every window in the house replaced when the roof was put on. The windows were original to the house (1943 and 1976 room addition).

All of the work needed to be done. The windows cost just a tad bit more than $3,000 for 10 windows. They tilt out to clean and all that fancy stuff.

It’s amazing what new windows in your house can do. Mine were so old they rattled like clapboards in their frames with even the slightest breeze. Now it’s like a vault inside my house if the windows are closed, which is paradise for writers who love quiet.

They are awesome, high-quality windows. I love them. Full disclosure: I love them until something goes wrong! 🙂

After getting sober, I painted the property red

The yard lamp is painted with leftover paint from the front door. When dad already was in the memory care facility, he told me one day where the paint was in the basement.

He said, “Go paint the lamp post red.”

Then I went about painting everything red. Sober people do whatever it takes to busy themselves!

The paint was right where dad said it was. I painted the railings red and the trim on the awnings red, too.

His response when he saw it: “No, you silly bas&*rd! Gray! Gray! I said to paint everything gray!”

A little note about the yard lamp. Dad found that at an estate sale and put it in the yard. But he never added electricity to it.

When dad bought the house back from the previous owner, it was nicely wired.

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