Illinois Medical Cannabis milestone: Quality is coming (relatively) cheap

There’s some good news for those of us who rely on cannabis for medicine and live in Illinois: The prices of the legal (and let’s face it, nation’s best) weed is coming down.

Or, at least, I would argue the quality has inched up even further in terms of the new $40-per-eighth flower class.

Prices are tumbling in other categories as well, making concentrate within reach, and so far, lovely. That’s 707 Headband pressed hash in the featured photo. No, I never had smoked pressed hash before this. Lovely!

But I also have been getting incredible eighths of flower for just $40, by the premium cannabis cultivator Revolution. Oh, it all just looks better than a Cocoa Puff right out of the box first thing in the morning.

Revolution Primary

And the smell. Of all of it. Yum.

These incredible Revolution flower strains now are available in these varieties: Phantom Cookies (tastes like Brownie Cookies, relaxing sedative high), Lavender Kush (tastes and smells heavenly, I can smoke this and still be able to think and work too, but extremely relaxing), Alien Purple Kush (pleasant, uplifting, calming, can actually work on this strain as well).

As a person living with PTSD, I have been extremely wowed by this new product line of flower, at least new to my dispensary the past couple of months. I know it comes in at least one other strain as well.

Of course, I realize that for most everyone who reads these blogs the real issue is, with medical cannabis or otherwise, access.

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I cannot imagine for even one second that recreational marijuana is not going to pass in Illinois next year via the state legislature. It is a solution to the state’s budget problems.

To be against a bill legalizing controlled, regulated, recreational cannabis sales in Illinois absolutely would be to be on the wrong side of an issue.

I bet everyone, or at least most everyone, of the very diverse group who follow this blog would agree with that.

Or not?

Already a so-called “liberal” state with the most dire budgetary problems under our nation’s flag, one wonders how Colorado beat us to the green rush in the first place.

The chance at redemption? Our cannabis is WAY better than theirs.

While cultivating cannabis indoors comes with a higher price for all, it also comes with arguably much more exacting growing conditions.  The end is a product of extreme quality.

A Mary tries pressed hash for first time, cleans kitchen

I also tried pressed hash Wednesday because it was on sale at the dispensary, Nature’s Treatment of Illinois.

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The dispensary overlooks the Quad-City International Airport, and it also is sort of in the middle of a cornfield, and John Deere combines roll by now and then.

Another “Bud” center is located next door – the Budweiser distributorship.

I find it a profoundly interesting and comforting vortex.

You have no idea how many questions I get about that place, particularly as someone who uses public transportation and Uber.

Back to the hash! Holy bajeezus.

Now, I only smoked hash once in my life before Wednesday, and it was at a Christmas party many years ago. But it wasn’t medical, cultivated under intense regulations, 707 Headband pressed hash.


This 707 Headband hash by PTS had me cleaning all day, oh those most horrid of tasks, too. The toilet, et al.

Then I walked to the corner store, loaded up on $8 worth of candy and cocooned into a sugar coma for several hours.

I emerged refreshed. The pressed hash was on sale for $45 for one gram. It seemed like a very good deal, and I knew I needed some strong medicine, so I bought it. I’m glad I did.

I must also retract a previous reference long ago about not being a fan of PTS. This is wonderful hash. Perhaps I just made some poor flower choices previously.

I suppose if it’s on sale, well, you know. My mom used to call it “The Beat-up Basket” at the Milan Eagles.

God bless the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program.

Addendum five hours later: I laid down to rest my eyes after writing that short segment and ended up sleeping another five hours. Wow. It’s like a brain reset!

I’m happy with what I get for my cannabis dollar

This caught my eye this week in the Cannabis Business Times:

“Since highly controlled markets like Illinois and Connecticut only have indoor grow operations, you’re never going to see the price decline to the point of a market like Colorado, Oregon, Washington [or] California where they have outdoor growing [and] where the cost of production could be just a few hundred dollars a pound.”

But, I still say prices are coming down, while the already incredible quality just continues to go up.

These Revolution strains absolutely are heavenly in every way. Exhale the Lavender Kush through your nose and enjoy an explosion of piney terpenes.

The Alien Purple is likewise, but sweeter.

And again, the Phantom Cookies tastes like the deliciously famous Brownie Scout Strain.

 Actually, I suspect most people who know a thing or two about cannabis would agree the prices I mentioned here are pretty reasonable. The quality is through the roof.

The reason the prices are higher than in other places, namely Colorado, is because the cannabis is tested to prove its mettle. So not only is there the cost associated with cultivating high-quality cannabis – which is huge – but there’s the cost of testing it.

Pennsylvania is the only other state in the country that has the same sort of rigorous quality and testing standards built into its medical cannabis program.

What “testing” really means (hint: Incredible cannabis!)

In a story written just last month, the Pennsylvania State University newspaper/website Penn State Live explained how the testing works.

They spoke with ACT Lab CEO and founder Jeff Nemeth, who already runs a lab in Morton, Ill. and will open one in Pennsylvania.

“The labs will test the ratios of cannabinol, or CBD, a non-intoxicating compound, and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, that component that causes the high, and make sure they are correctly identified on the label,” Penn State Live reported. “The temporary health department regulations on labs also requires they test for pesticides, solvents, moisture content, and other substances.”

All of the medical cannabis grown in Illinois is 100 percent organic. Everything is tested to make sure it is exactly as labeled. You can see that here.

Revolution 2

Does it make a difference? Oh yes!

Quality comes with a price tag.

And not only are strict qualifications for even the medical program in Illinois keeping a lot of people from obtaining cannabis, and the cost of the cannabis itself, but also tack on about $600 for the certification process plus round-trip travel to Chicago.

Had I not received money from dad’s estate, who are we kidding? I never would have had that kind of money on hand.

People are disappointed to learn of the cost, the process, and the limited scope of the current medical program in Illinois.

I always tell them I just have to believe that full-blown recreational is right around the corner.

A word about the Thin Blue Line and the greening of America

There needs to be breathalyzer-type tests for cannabis intoxication developed immediately. The police don’t need stoned people rolling around. For AT LEAST every other person who says, “I can drive stoned,” I say, “YEAH RIGHT!!”

So, appropriate amounts of cannabis tax revenue need to be earmarked for beefed up law enforcement with proceeds coming from recreational cannabis tax.

I’m sure this already is being ironed out in Springfield. These types of points can’t really be that hard to come to agreement on in a state as cash-strapped as Illinois, can they?  Of all places to not approve recreational cannabis in the name of prudishness.

Ha! I don’t think it will happen. It’s a great solution to the state’s problems.

Seems I saw mild-mannered Sen. Neil Anderson on a news show saying they were working out issues related to edibles and that the matter of recreational cannabis may be voted upon as early as next year.

Explosion 10 doors down cries out for regulation

A house exploded down the street from my house a couple of weeks ago because someone was making dabs, according to another neighbor.

There is profound irony in that. Read this story I wrote for Healthline about dabs quite a few years ago. I was called a “nut” by marijuana activists around the world.

How about letting everyone buy legal, regulated, cannabis concentrate made in a laboratory, and then have them sit safely in their house and watch TV, without jeopardizing the lives of themselves or their neighbors?

I, too, am learning the joy of concentrate.

vape 1.jpgvape 2

I’m also told several marijuana plants were removed from the basement of a neighborhood home this week.

If regulated recreational marijuana sales were legal, I have to believe the illegal growers would promptly be put out of business. This Illinois regulated medical cannabis is fire.

Believe me. Homeowners in otherwise quiet cul-de-sacs would rather see the drug dealer traffic in regulated business districts, perhaps industrial parks (NIMBY!) but not in Redneck Ritz Addition and assorted neighborhoods with organized watch groups.

I know so many people want legal relief of the plant. I hope everyone who wants it, gets it, legally, and soon.

I think the exploding house is how I finally have come to this conclusion.

Until next time.

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