Ikea tales: First pieces I ever purchased way back in 1993 still in use, every day

It’s kind of remarkable when I think about it: I still have some of the Ikea furniture I purchased when I moved into my first apartment in Los Angeles.

That was a quarter century ago.

I remember telling my new roommate, Dale, that I did not have any furniture at all.

“Oh, that’s no problem, we’ll go to Ikea,” he said.

Dale grew up in Orange County, California. He knew that affordable, quality furniture was as close as Carson or Burbank.

I had won two first place and two second place awards in the Orange County Fair Journalism Contest and had a budget of $150 in prize money for furniture.

So, I ended up with this coffee table and matching end table (still ready to blend into any décor, and holding together quite well).

Ikea Main

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I also ended up with this little table that I used as a dining room table for many years. In reality, it always was a table for one.

I bought this little rust-colored table with black legs when I moved into a roomy one-bedroom apartment in Los Feliz that I paid just $575 per month for, garage included.

I had a real nice dining room at the time I bought this table, which actually was a year or two after I bought the Ikea coffee and end tables.

My nice little Ikea table and chairs, dressed up with accessories from Pier One Imports, made my little East Hollywood apartment look real fancy.

‘Formal’ dining room table from Ikea now a studio desk

Today, my “Ikea table” is a desk in my studio.

Ikea Studio Desk

There was a pair of matching rust-and-black striped chairs at one time, but they took a beating through the years. I once had lovely cloth napkins and placemats set for this table at all times.

Dusting off my Ikea furniture today brought back all kinds of great memories. I remember being blown away by the size of Ikea, and also by its warehouse concept, my first time in Carson, Calif.

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I was taken in by the names for all the product: Just one word. Ikea generally names things based on the Swedish language. However, the rebellious retailer is not above making up its own language either. Ikea does not believe humans should be restricted by such rules of expression.

I’m happy that I still have my Ikea furniture from way back in the days of that first L.A. apartment.

This little Ikea end table from the Carson, Calif. store in 1993 could not be more perfect for my American Idol karaoke machine and American Idol McDonald’s Happy Meal action figures.

Idol End Table

Now right here in the same house where the story of my life all started.

It’s so American Idol.

Until next time.

Chapter One: Dad and I reclaim the property

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