Black Cherry Soda medical cannabis a sweet, soothing mid-day treat

It was like finding an old-fashioned Nesbitt soda pop machine that dispensed marijuana flower instead of bottles of soda.

Black Cherry Soda.

A mouthwatering, uplifting bud. It tasted like I was smoking through a black cherry chocolate shaving funnel made to top a fancy French pastry.

“Breathe in and get a bit higher,” sings Savage Garden in their pop song “Cherry Cola” in the late 2000s.

I long have been a huge Savage Garden fan. The song “Crash and Burn” is a tune any addict, any victim of trauma, anyone who ever has had a breakdown can relate to. Listen.

And yet the uplifting “Cherry Cola” is a finger snappin’, butt-shakin’, hip-swayin’ type of song.

Same with the Black Cherry Soda medical marijuana strain.

Listen to the ‘chica Cherry Cola’ song right here…I’ll make Savage Garden fans out of everyone!

My favorite Illinois medical cannabis brand? Gold Leaf

I received a sample of GTI’s Black Cherry Soda earlier this month in a GTI Flower Flight variety pack.

I can only tell you that when you light it and inhale, it’s as delicious as your first cold bottle of strawberry pop at age 5.


The high, and it is a high, is just pleasant, uplifting, groovy. Not impairing, though. Those who work from home and do not operate moving or heavy machinery ought to be fine psychoactive wise with this strain. (I am not a doctor)

This is a good strain to have on hand for daytime use. This is an indica-dominant hybrid, but I did not find it remotely impairing. It’s just so incredibly tasty and pleasant that I blew through a gram far too quickly!

I felt it “In the base of my spine, sweet like a chica cherry cola,” to quote Savage Garden.
Great stuff! I highly recommend it. Black Cherry Soda tests at just under 18 percent THC. It’s just $40 per eighth at Nature’s Treatment of Illinois, Milan, for qualifying, card carrying medical cannabis patients.

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