Buses get a new voice, stand especially tall Saturday

All the bus people were giggling this morning at the Cityline Transfer Point.

Route 30. GREEN.

And picture the man behind the voice smiling wide, nodding reassuringly, raising his eyebrows as he speaks.

Everything he says is quite dramatic. It’s enough to give you the giggles.

HYYYYYYYY-VEEEEEEEEEE. Just like that. Like maybe Hy-Vee paid extra for that.

And a new one we never had before, “Dong! Please collect all your belongings as you exit the bus at the transfer station. Thank you for riding MetroLink.”

But it is spoken like an ABC television announcer from the 1980s, “Alexis doesn’t have her cannabis….who will face her wrath? Dynasty. Only on A. B. C.”

But the buses had shinier rubber in other ways today, too. First off, they are so clean, a person does not know what to think. Wow.

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At Cityline, one rider offered as the top-of-the-hour parade approached, “Oh my God it’s the (XX). It’s never on time.”

And they rolled into sequence like clockwork.

“New management?” quipped a rider as she boarded.

Rumor has is that soon, we will have one combined Quad-City bus system. Perhaps this is old news that already has been reported by the local MSM and I just missed it. If so, my apologies!

Maybe it’s just a rumor. But I know something is going on, I can tell you that. I know it hurts so many to face this fact, but the truth is, my reportage accuracy score is quite good!

The buses are safe, too. I truly believe that. I have seen a county sheriff’s deputy turn lights on to pull a bus over to change the security tape before. The driver was a trainee, and you can bet all of us were a little curious that day!

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Keep in mind I complain about a lot of things if they’re not done properly. And I’m here to say this bus system seems to be running like clockwork on many levels, and I’m not just talking about keeping to the schedule.

Utilization seems high. The routes go everywhere a person needs to go, really. I know many people complain the buses don’t run late enough, but in many places our size, they do not even have community-wide public transportation that runs until 9 or 9:30 p.m. There may have special routes that run later, and of course MetroLink does, too.

Recently, I clicked a link to send Congresswoman Cheri Bustos a letter proclaiming my support for public transportation. I hope you will do the same.

Learn all about becoming a public transportation advocate like myself at Voices for Public Transit.

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