Hollywood and real-life clash on where placement of opioid ‘corruption’ belongs

#MadamSecretary tries to convince a reporter over takeout to assist her in taking out a Mexican drug lord during this week’s episode. The reporter refused (spoiler!), and you can bet what happened to him. In an almost slapstick scene if it did not ring true, an editor gleefully hands the dead reporter’s notes over with a smirk, “I know it’s what he would have wanted.”

Although writing about America’s opioid crisis is a sad assignment, it also is an incredibly important and dynamic one.

Chatting up an employee of my medical cannabis dispensary the other day, we mused at the richness of a simple fact: Opioid addiction, indeed brought on by Pharma, the mainstream medical establishment, and Capitol Hill, is ushering in the legal cannabis era.

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As incredibly obvious as this is, though, the country remains in harsh denial about opioid addiction.

Not only are we in denial about how to effectively treat opioid addiction (cannabis increasingly is saving lives, and epidemiological science backs that claim up), but we also are in total denial about how “corruption’ has influenced the epidemic.

On this week’s episode of “Madam Secretary,” the writers tackled this very topic. Turns out, the president of the United States himself has a son in rehab for opioid addiction as part of the storyline.

The President decides to forge ahead with military action against a Mexican drug lord, which turns into a fantasmic tale. Surgical strikes and cartels in cahoots with Mexico’s version of the secretary of state.

Meanwhile the U.S. Secretary of State, Bess, clashes with grace and effectiveness with a vengeful president.

Finally, 60 Minutes has revealed what we already know. Our own government is responsible for creating the opioid epidemic.

You can read all about that here.

And here.

The corruption lies on Capitol Hill and within the ranks of Pharma and its service tentacles.

In N.Y., council member goes to prison for role in opioid ring

While the opioid epidemic has been nurtured by our federal lawmakers, corrupt local governments also allegedly are protecting its deadly grip.

The genie is out of the bottle as it pertains to my own story, and I’m obviously tired of being afraid to speak up about it. I’m not going to tell too much, though – it’s why I’m writing a book.

So, while this story I ran across the other day is scary as hell, it also is affirming. I think it’s great that this reporter was able to cover this in a public forum. She can’t get in trouble; the townspeople made these allegations in a public forum.

Here’s an excerpt from a story about corruption in Northampton, N.Y. being so bad that residents who report drug activity to police claim they get harassed.

The reason? A councilman was involved in drug dealing himself. He is now in federal prison.

The story is so factually correct and presented in the proper context of the real opioid epidemic that I could have been the writer or editor on it myself.

Reported Beth Young of the East End Beacon:

Robert Fox, whose son Kyle died of an overdose on Sept. 6 of this year, pointed out that many opioid addictions begin with pharmaceutical products approved by the FDA, after heavy lobbying of the U.S. Congress.

“He thought they were relatively safe because the pharmaceutical companies made them,” he said. “It’s just never going to end. Not one kid I know who’s 15 or 16 is going to stick a needle in their arm.”

The story details angry mothers railing at community leaders and calling them “hypocrites” because their addicted or dead children partied with theirs at Hofstra.

And community leaders railing back with their own stories of dead family and friends. In this town, a council member went to prison for allegedly playing a role in the dealing of opioids.

Reports Young of the Beacon:

Marie Guerrera-Tooker said she’d personally been antagonized by the Southampton Town Police, whom she alleged were covering for addict police officers and former Town Councilman Brad Bender, who went to federal prison for his part in an opioid sales ring, when she tried to report drug sales in her neighborhood.

She said she is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the town.

“Get rid of the corrupt players in Southampton,” she said, adding that she’s hopeful that new police chief Steven Skrynecki will turn things around.”

I can only imagine the facts of my story are being rewritten as we speak by people with the authority to do that.

I respected these people and they made me into an honest person during my formative years. I cringe at what I have been put through for that honesty at the hands of these monsters.

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