Have you ever seen your dad’s baby book?

How many of you have gone through your dad’s baby book?

Does your dad even still have his baby book?

I found dad’s baby book a few days ago. It has been really awesome going through it.

Grandma posted this typewritten poem inside. It’s called “Our Son’ by Edgar A. Guest.

I’ll quote the last paragraph:

But when to the neighbors she boasts of his worth,

It is: “My son’s the best little boy on the earth!”

Accuse him of mischief, she’ll just floor you flat

With: “My son, I’m certain would never do that!”

Of course, there are times when he’s willfully bad,

But then it’s that temper he gets from his dad!”

So that really made me smile.

Baby book brought to you by Manhard Realty Co.

Not only did I find dad’s baby book and fun little clues about my heritage, lol, like that, but the book itself is cool. It’s so old! A handcrafted leather baby book.

This advertisement inside, for Manhard Realty Co., proclaims, “Daddy, I need protection.”

Moving on, dad was both born in, and died in, St. Anthony’s Hospital (later to become a nursing home). I suspect every baby born got this nice, handcrafted leather baby book back in those days, brought to them by Manhard Realty and the “Daddy, I need protection” ad.

Some things about baby books haven’t changed. Next Saturday would have been dad’s 79th birthday. And even 79 years ago, moms never had time to complete those baby books.

Indeed, in some sections, grandma prefaces, “I’m filling this in late…”

The pictures show a hilarious dynamic of dad with his brother and sister, my Uncle Ted and Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary is perfect child in every photo. Ted is bad boy.

Dad Family I

I also could not help but feel a certain way inside while looking at that photo in reference to a similar photo that hangs on the wall in my living room:

Our Family II

The overwhelming story I always got was, “Benny was a spoiled child….” Looks to me like Benny had had enough of everyone from the git-go. Perfect Mary and Bad Boy Teddy.

Dad thought I was Teddy the last couple of years of his life. “Where’s mom?” Or, “Did you go to school today?”

So, the pictures of Ted and dad as kids, and Aunt Mary beaming appropriately in every picture, really tells a story in itself.

And then dad’s own little addition at the end of the baby book, added as only he could do it:


What more can I say.

Until next time.

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