With my internet on the fritz again and my nerves frazzled, it’s OG18 to rescue

As my longtime social media followers know, since the day I began freelancing I have struggled to get a reliable phone and internet signal at this house.

Now, for the past month, I have had almost zero signal at all under Verizon. At times, I have no voice service at my home either.

We know what it’s done to my career house. I’ve not had a paid assignment in three weeks, at least. It’s like I’m being strangled.

This also is a safety matter.

The same thing happened with AT&T. And with Mediacom before that.

AT&T ended up letting me out of my contract (I think) and sending me checks a few months back after looking into it. Verizon just wants to cut me loose (they admit I’m not getting the signal I’m paying I’m for) but is being decent enough to wait until yet another new service is activated.

That is supposed to happen today.

Nobody, in 2017, should have to relentlessly struggle to obtain phone and internet service at their home in a metropolitan area of half a million. It’s just plain ridiculous, in fact.

So, before I begin to rant, which will turn into a trigger that will turn into a rage (can you imagine dealing with this when you get up each day…unable to work or feed yourself because you cannot get a phone or internet signal in your home?)…

…To heck with it. It’s time to SPARK UP!

Cannabis dispensary wellness advocate points way to Serenity Street

I sauntered into Nature’s Treatment of Illinois in Milan yesterday with $25. That was enough for two $12 pre-rolls and my bus ride home.

I told Carrie, the wellness expert, that I thought I would buy a Pineapple Express joint and review that strain, since I had bought a Pineapple at the grocery store that morning. I could not wait to take a picture of myself balancing the pineapple on my head.

See the picture and read my review of Pineapple Express.

Then I asked Carrie what else she recommended. She said OG18.

She did not let me down. Leafly says OG18 treats stress, insomnia, pain, depression, and inflammation.

A word about inflammation. Much of cannabis’ healing power lies in its effect on inflammation in the body. We know that inflammation is a biomarker of countless chronic health conditions.

Taking a few whiffs out of the tube before pulling the joint out, I can already tell I’m going to like it. I may as well spark up and see what happens…


Five minutes later…

So, I just did a number to “You and I” by John Legend, and now am aerobicizing to “Church of the Poison Mind” in front of the front-room mirror.

This is great stuff. I feel light and floaty.

The marijuana does nothing to change whatever doomsday scenario in my head is causing me angst. And I try to remind myself of that for when I don’t have any.

Read more: Treating addiction with cannabis works, and Illinois lawmakers have taken notice

But what it does is gives me the tools I need to calm down and make rational decisions. To be patient, and to remain positive.

It’s great to think we can remain patient, calm and positive on our own, or with the help of a 12-step group.

But if our inability to remain patient, calm, positive and patient interferes with our daily life, then we need to consider treatment options, such as medical cannabis. I actually recommend exercise above all else, but as we enter the winter months I know that it is very, very hard to get out and to exercise. I think gyms are claustrophobic and stink during the winter months.

Medicine cabinet shakeup: Bye-bye benzodiazepines, hello Mother Nature

The truth is that if you seek mental health treatment for anxiety, there isn’t much of anything they can do for you other than prescribe you something. It is important to know, especially if you are in recovery, that anxiety medications such as Ativan, Xanax, Valium, Klonopin and other benzodiazepines affect the brain the same way as alcohol. These are extremely dangerous treatment alternatives for the recovering alcoholic who suffers from anxiety.

Antipsychotic medications, also used to treat anxiety, are akin to signing up for disability for many people. A person can’t be expected to be rendered unable to work by antipsychotic medications and then not granted disability.

So, it’s a pickle for the anxious.

Read more: Blood pressure down, anxiety receding: Me. Pharma free.

What am I writing about again? Oh yes, a review of OG18.  For a heavy Indica, I feel very focused after just a few puffs. While it may be 1:47 a.m., when you work from home and you’re David Heitz, if you just got out of bed after five or more hours of sleep it is time to start your workday no matter what the clock says.

Five minutes later…

I just did a “Hungry Eyes” number in front of the mirror to a YouTube video. I’m glad the internet is working for a spell.

I have to stop medicating and get to work.

This OG18 is sick. As in good sick.

Until next time.

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