My ADT protects me from corrupt cops and killers alike

For some time now, ADT Home Security has been running a social media campaign called #MyADT.

The idea is to encourage customers to share the story of why they have ADT and the peace of mind the system gives them.

Here’s my story.

In May 2015, I went to authorities after a friend’s body was pulled from the Mississippi River. I went to them with a theory I had about a potential human trafficking problem happening right here in the Quad-Cities.

Ironically, shortly after that, a member of Quad-Cities law enforcement reached out and said she heard I was passionate about such issues. She tipped me off to a story that resulted in my writing this column: Hooking up to Stay Alive: The Sexual Exploitation of Young Men and Boys.

But shortly after going to authorities, it was me who ended up being arrested – on no charges at all — for reporting an intruder at my father’s memory care institution in Moline, Ill.

I then was stripped naked, placed in a sweltering, at times what seemed to be a smoky/hazy cell, and monitored on camera for two days.

Can you imagine? I got through it by praying. You can read all about it right here.

And while I was in the jail, it appeared someone tried to traffick me right of there. You can read all about that by clicking here.

And the icing on the cake is that my house was searched by police without a warrant while I was in the jail.

Now, I need to remind myself of something. It is possible that, as I have said all along, police KNOW I was poisoned by someone who got into that house. They now know someone had a key, and the previous owner of my house’s son, Frank Fitzpatrick, son of Moline city firefighter Frank Fitzpatrick, is on the QC Most Wanted List for meth.

Update: Fitzpatrick caught, sentenced to four years in prison; local news media refuse to report any of it

So, I mustn’t jump to conclusions. It’s possible the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department searched my house without a warrant to see exactly what was going on inside that house before I went to the memory care facility.

I get so upset sometimes that it really just occurred to me right now that the fact the previous occupant of my house is on that “Most Wanted” list is a huge breakthrough in terms of what happened to me. I am grateful law enforcement is trying to find him. This young man was close friends with AT LEAST ONE member of my family who also hurt me.

I always feel like I have to draw a picture in these blogs. I don’t. Law enforcement already knows what happened to me. Although I have been threatened and harassed at times by some in law enforcement for telling the truth, most have been attentive.

But after learning my house was searched without a warrant (a neighbor spilled the beans, and with my reporting skills I confirmed it), I decided it was time to know whenever anyone entered my house, for any reason, no matter who they are. Thus, #MyADT.

And I know my safety is compromised as a result of being in the criminal investigation, I have been told that by law enforcement and attorneys alike. But I’m a journalist and I write about things. What happened to me may be a nightmare – indeed, I may never work or have functional relationships ever again, for all I know, and I’ve already had tons and tons of therapy – but it also is a journalist’s dream.

OK, not a dream. But the ultimate silver lining to a very dark cloud. If I don’t look at it that way I cannot get through life. Period. All I have to motivate myself to get out of bed right now is the opportunity to tell my story.

#MyADT, I believe, already has spared me several close calls. I have posted about them individually on my professional Facebook page, @DavidHeitzHealth, and on Twitter, @DavidHeitz.

When I learned signals from my home apparently were being jammed and my ADT system was not working because it used an AT&T tower, ADT came and installed a new system that always is scanning for available carriers. The system also works a couple of days on battery backup if the power ever goes out.

#MyADT gives me peace of mind, as I give the corrupt politicians who run my community a piece of my mind in my reports.

I can’t tell you how many times I have called them scared sh*tless. They truly are “always there.”

Thanks ADT.

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