Barack Obama followed me on Twitter this week. Who are my other followers?

Editor’s note: I have since blocked Obama on Twitter. I no longer have any reason to believe he had good intentions in following me.

When Barack Obama followed me on the eve of my dad’s birthday Friday, to say it gave me a lift is an understatement. 

You can read my blog post about President Obama following me on Twitter by clicking here

The reason I am unemployed right now, both directly and indirectly, is because I blew a deafening whistle in a political corruption case. And I’m still blowing it.

While I thought I would land more work as convictions came down the pike and my story began to be proven true, the opposite has been true so far.

All people with PTSD really want is to feel like they are being heard and believed. A very cool piece of LinkedIn content I ran across recently said the right thing to say to someone who is grieving is, “How can I best love you today?”

And when you’re Barack Obama, following someone on Twitter, especially when it’s me, in the context of all I have been through, is akin to doing that.

At least that is how I took it.

So, for starters, thank you Mr. President. You’re listening. That’s all I need to know.

But then I started wondering last night around midnight, unable to sleep without medical cannabis for about a week now due to being broke…just who are my other followers?

For starters, they’re loaded with cash

I never, ever had examined Twitter analytics.

I know. Terrible. For whatever reason, I have obsessed on that other social media platform until now.

The first thing that strikes me about my 2,200 give or take followers on Twitter (a portion of it churns constantly) is that they have A LOT of money. At least compared to me.

Take a look:

Twitter Money

Four out of 10 of them make $175,000 per year or more. Wow.

Even the “poor” ones make a lot more than I do!

Their interests are less surprising. For many weeks now, I have been added to all kinds of lists labeled “entrepreneurs” and the like. I’m flattered by that, because I absolutely do have an entrepreneurial spirit that I’m glad is being recognized.

Success isn’t always measured in income. Even as I sit here so broke I can’t sleep because I have no medical cannabis, I absolutely feel successful.

My followers want to know about news, business and politics. But almost equally, they want to know about eating healthy, losing weight, and staying sane.

Twitter Interests

More surprisingly, at least to me, they are interested in comedy and technology.

I love that. I like to think of myself as a pretty funny guy, even when I’m angry.

Am I a good fit for your brand?

Why am I sharing these analytics?

Because I need work, that’s why!

There are a lot of people at Contently and outside of Contently who can vouch for the fact that I’m very good at what I do. They also know, however, that the fit has to be right.

I have more male followers on Twitter, 56-44 percent. On Facebook, where I have about 4,700 followers, exactly the opposite is true when it comes to gender.

Finally, the buying habits of my Twitter followers? They want quality. Period.

Buying Habits

My Facebook demographics are different

When it comes to my Facebook followers, they tend to be caregivers: Women ages 45 and up account for a full third of them.

I know a lot of caregivers who would like to jet off to Vegas for a cannabis holiday, believe me.

My Facebook followers are from all over the country and even the world, although my recent blogs have caused my top cities on Facebook to become those in my own community.

Facebook Demos

And that’s flattering, too. While I’d rather be making good money writing branded content, writing blogs that expose corruption, and how vulnerable populations are being abused, is satisfying the diehard journo in me.

When is the last time you looked at your social media analytics?

I’m glad I took the time to better understand my followers today.

And never did I think I would sign off a blog with…

Thank you, Mr. President.

And may my dad, Bernard Lawrence Heitz, who would have been 79 Saturday, rest in eternal peace.

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