Lyme disease, cannabis news, and county corruption: My most popular 2017 posts

People were equally interested in 2017 about why I was thrown in the Rock Island County Jail on no charges at all for two days as they were in the joy I experienced when I obtained my medical weed card.

I love it.

A review of my website analytics for the year ending 1 p.m. today (and of course, we still have the rest of the day today, and tomorrow, for those of you wanting to push the happy weed story ahead of the sad jail story) reveals the Top10 list.

In true David Letterman style, here’s the top 10, from the home office in Davenport, Iowa (nobody really has heard of Rock Island…yet):

Aging gay people struggle to find support and community. An odd coincidence: I found a blog I wrote two years ago on this very topic this morning, and published it to my site. It originally was written for Caregiver Relief. So, I am happy to see I have readers who are interested in this.

Here’s even more proof the plant is a way out of addiction. I wrote this a bit before the idea of treating addiction with cannabis started becoming REALLY hip. Check it out.

Medicine cabinet shakeup: Bye-bye benzodiazepines, hello Mother Nature. Footnote: I feel a hundred times better than I did even when I wrote that column. I also have lost a lot of weight, but in a healthy way.

Why Shelby County is the conscience of the Illinois medical cannabis industry. I have to thank Carrie at Nature’s Treatment of Illinois in Milan for tipping me off to this one. One of the cultivators in Illinois actually is a non-profit, employs special needs clients in its greenhouses, and uses the cannabis proceeds to fund community mental health services. This one is a must read, IMHO.

It’s the mother of all triggers, but it’s my courthouse, too: Why I’m here today. Three words: Tear. It. Down.

Village Inn corporate HQ, famed pot hotel next door neighbors. Would you like some pie with your cannabis?

I legally bought weed today at this dispensary in Milan, Ill. Thank you Lord.

What happened in jail while I was kept from my sick dad, on no charges at all? Finally, my tell all. Footnote: This blog actually was written last year, in September. It just keeps a clickin’. Suffice it to say it has WAY more page views overall than the number shown in the photo with this blog. That’s only for this year.

Chronic Lyme hornet’s nest still buzzing at physicians’ conference in San Diego. I never would have guessed this blog would rocket like it did, and yet I should not be surprised.

I interviewed famed Dr. Richard Horowitz and was sort of on the “chronic Lyme disease” beat at Healthline for a while. There remains a huge rift between the medical establishment and those who suffer from chronic Lyme regarding treatment.

Suffice it to say the Lyme community did not like much of my reporting. One of them sent an email explaining why my dad probably did not have FTD, but chronic Lyme.

Yes. Seriously.

For a while, chronic Lyme was not even recognized as a legitimate condition. Great progress has been made on behalf of Lyme sufferers.

And the number one, most viewed story on in 2017…far and AWAY….

BREAKING: Study says cannabis effective at treating nerve pain

I would say my readers have EXCELLENT taste in what they choose to read. I’m serious. I feel completely affirmed by these choices of a top 10, all chosen by YOU!

Thanks everybody, and happy, happy New Year!

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