Corruption, cannabis, and courage propel beyond 50,000 hits

Given what I have to work with, there could be no greater vindication for the trauma I have endured at the hands of corrupt politicians in my community.

Last night, my website – about 17 months old now – tallied its 50,000th hit. While I’d like to see several Quad-City politicians and business leaders hauled off to prison for their filth, that may or may not ever happen.

So, for now, knowing that the truth about what happened to me is out – and that people are reading it – is incredibly affirming to an angry person like myself, who lives with PTSD and night terrors sometimes daily, and for weeks at a time.

Like most people, I got into journalism to uncover corruption, among other things.

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And by God, I have.

When I shared the story of what happened to me in the jail with a local news reporter more than two years ago, her response was that I had told her a while back that I had “dumped my mental health meds,” so she didn’t believe me.

Her narcissistic remark, ablaze with gas lighting (and a barefaced lie, as I never told her I ‘dumped my meds’), is par for the course. This reporter and others like her are absolutely why corruption thrives in Rock Island County and the Quad-Cities.


Apparently, I lost all my marbles when I got sober and began writing for national health sites and Fortune 500 healthcare companies. That’s what the desperate filthies have tried to argue, anyway.

The hole they’ve dug for themselves is quite deep now, however. And I’m not going to lie…I delight in that.

And the news organizations themselves are no better, particularly the local newspapers. A quick glance at the headlines on any given day shows any kind of commitment to watchdog journalism went straight down the toilet long ago.

Will watchdog news coverage improve after Quad-City Times-Dispatch editor flees?

The good news is the editor of the Quad-City Times-Dispatch, Autumn Phillips, has announced her resignation.

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This is outstanding news for the Quad-Cities. Phillips turned off the online comments on stories shortly after becoming editor. She turned them back on again for editorials only, but warned, “I know where the switch is,” vowing to turn them off again for “disrespectful” (read: not liberal) comments.

I remember when she did that. I went on Twitter with the headline, “Lib editor stifles free speech, vows she’ll do it again.”

And yes, that made me smile. Because I believe this woman was all about keeping stories OUT of your news feed, not shining a light on the layers upon layers of establishment filth that has all but destroyed this once-fine community.

So, thank God for Al Gore, inventor of the internet (tee hee!) so outcast journalists who blow the whistle on communities of filth can continue to have a voice.

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In all seriousness, as I said when I went live on Facebook last night to celebrate that 50,000th hit:

“If you were in journalism in 1986, you never could have dreamt that one day, here you are, you know, here’s my news report! Here’s my news report! Ha-Ha, I have a news report toooo! I mean it, it’s…It’s profoundly awesome. And I feel like I’m using it the way it should be used.

“I get really angry, about people who want to be angry, because I have a voice, too.

“Really, I’m serious. And I think a lot people probably get that.

“I did have one tiny little piece of black Kush that I saved for when this special occasion hit, and I did have it here before going live just now.

“Hey. Nobody else was going to write about what happened to me. I did. People read it and I think I’ve made a difference. I hope so.”

You can check out the video on my Facebook page by clicking here.

My website is about more than corruption and medical cannabis

I often joke that if voters don’t get a handle on the corrupt politicians around here really, really soon and throw them out, the next thing you know our version of Jeanine will begin to be projected upon Rock Island’s abandoned buildings, a la the movie “Divergent.”

“People of Rock Island County, I am your leader, and you will obey me,” our version of Jeanine could implore, threatening to lock up or destroy anyone who crosses her.

Go ahead and laugh. After what I’ve been through, laughing is hard sometimes. I’m not laughing at my “Divergent” metaphor.

Not. One. Bit.

Believe me. I’ve lived the nightmare. And now I live with chronic PTSD.

And I have a medical cannabis card.

My website is about far more than corruption, PTSD and medical cannabis, however. I have written about dozens of health issues, particularly infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis.

Curious whether I’ve written about a health topic that interests you? Go ahead and type it into the search engine on my website. You will be surprised how many health topics I have written about, either for my website or a paid client.

I’m going to sign off with links to my portfolios of paid work – as I need some  paid work very desperately right now. I have been surviving by selling my possessions on the Facebook Marketplace.

 Read more: The Facebook Marketplace as CBT for PTSD

I get that whistleblowers get blackballed.

But somebody will hire me.

This is going to sound cocky, but when I’m totally proven correct about just how FILTHY my community is, I’m going to remember who stuck by me and who didn’t.

The time to hire me is now!

Until next time.

Check out my portfolio of paid addition/recovery content

Check out my portfolio of paid medical cannabis content

Check out my portfolio of paid mental health wellness content

Check out my portfolio of caregiving/aging/dementia content

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