Rock Island County Jail terror, act II: ‘Put him through the tunnel and onto a C17’

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Stock image courtesy Pixabay. This is NOT the Quad-City International Airport runway tunnel. To see a photo of that tunnel, click on the Quad-City Times-Dispatch story I linked to below by Barb Ickes.

“Put him through the tunnel and onto a C17.”

By the time I heard an official inside the Rock Island County Jail say that, I had been in there quite some time. I wasn’t sure how long – there were no windows in the cell, which at times seemed to reach temperatures of 100 degrees. Of course, who knows what was going on inside my body. I have maintained all along the food they gave me was laced was speed.

That’s what it felt like.

I was held in the jail in May 2015 on no charges at all, for two days, stripped naked, mentally tortured and taunted. Just days before, I had gone to police with some information I had about something, and then they began to question me about Davenport Alderman Bill Boom.

Boom, who owns the town gay bar, admitted to lying to a grand jury this year. He was sentenced in August. As a convicted felon, he had to resign from the City Council and rescind ownership in the gay bar. He was fined $5,000 and two years’ probation.

So, as you can see, the dirty meter on my story as it pertains to the County of Rock Island already is into the red zone.

It gets better: Two of the jailers while I was held in the “suicide hole” were former bartenders from the town gay bar that Boom used to own.

One also had carnival work experience.

Yep, carnival work.

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Yet I have had to sustain teasing and taunting throughout the community for going on three years now. I’ve been called “crazy” by every filthy person in town, and I’ve really been uplifted by some good ones, too.

The story just keeps getting better and better

At any rate, many things I heard in the jail sounded so outlandish I assumed they could not possibly be true. I MUST have entered psychosis state, I thought. Or, better still, they were just ten-cent jailers who were messing with my head.

But now I’m really beginning to wonder.

When I saw this story by Quad-City Times-Dispatch reporter Barb Ickes a couple of weeks back, I went into a PTSD trigger that actually came with physical symptoms: Racing heart, sweating, headache.

Read Barb’s “Off-Limits Places” piece on the Quad-City International Airport

A giant tunnel underneath the main runway of the Quad-City Airport? Barb’s story says it’s so “Another Atlanta doesn’t happen here,” referencing the massive Atlanta airport power outage over the holidays.

That made me laugh. Heaven forbid one of the 10 flights per day with 10 people on it flying out MLI gets delayed due to a power outage. It could disrupt the nation’s transportation grid.

The other thing I’m triggered about as it pertains to the tunnel is this: As someone who follows crime very, very closely, I’ve added up that a whole bunch of people who were supposed to be in prison from around here are not, or at least were not.

They’re being rounded up now.

Read this wacky story about an alleged child molester who escaped to Saipan but is back in the Quad-Cities now. Go ahead, read it. And remember it when you vote.

I wonder how many extra taxpayers’ dollars went into this “tunnel to freedom,” (total speculation, admittedly) or “tunnel to terror,” (I heard it myself…they were going to put me in a tunnel and onto a C17) whatever you want to call it. Seems like an uncanny, irresponsible abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Does a tiny airport with almost no business need this sort of “extra?” Yes, I know we have a military installation here, and yes, I know the airport frequently is used for that. It has become so frequent it’s the chit-chat of the town.

Someone at the food pantry brought up the other day about C17s taking off and landing at the airport. She said if you post a photo of one doing so online, the feds will show up at your door.

I saw a Blackhawk (or maybe an Apache? Two propellers plus the tail) helicopter flying over the airport last month while I was leaving the dispensary. I thought it was totally cool, and I did take a picture.

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In fact, I showed it to dispensary staff and told them Jeff Sessions was fixin’ to land on their front lawn.

I’m not going to push my luck and post it!

Shortly after my release from the jail, one Democratic official told me, “You’ll be fine. They can’t make you disappear. Too many people know you in town.”

The truth is, a lot of people in Rock Island County have “disappeared,” and when this person said that, I about had a heart attack.

It has haunted me for two years. It has left me unable to trust even longtime friends.

When I asked this person what she meant by it, she never answered.

I was supposed to go to Los Angeles on an all-expense paid trip shortly after the jail. I did not go for multiple reasons, but one of them was a gut feeling that the airport was not a safe place for me to go.

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Finally, my main confidant at the time, St. John Lutheran Church Pastor Stacie Fidlar, told me, and I believe this is a direct quote: “If someone can’t go with you to the airport and see you get on the actual plane, then you can’t go.”

Chilling. I do think she saved my life, but sadly, we no longer speak. I don’t trust her.

I trust no one at all, nor should I, as my therapist used to say. I am not walking around my home with a panic button clipped to my waist for fun. I was told to do so.

Throwing me, David Heitz, into the Rock Island County Jail on no charges at all, was just plain ignorant. Someone’s brain is not working properly to think that I really was not going to report the biggest scoop of my lifetime once I got out of there.

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I did go to authorities. Again. And again. And again. And again.

For almost three years. Before they listened.

Even being threatened once in the process (just a few months back, in fact) for reporting the filth that transpired in the jail.

What. The hell. Is going on. In this town.

People should be scared of what’s going on in this community, and in our country, too. Because far too many of the politicians are a bunch of filth liars.

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Oh, no doubt!

When I think about how the disgraceful County of Rock Island violated my human rights,  and damaged my property, particularly in the context of how this mystery has unfolded and what we know now, it’s like staring at a giant pile of poo. A pile of poo the size of the vacant Watchtower Plaza land in Rock Island, in fact.


We still have a functioning federal government, at least for another week.

I’m sure the feds can accomplish a lot in a week if they put their minds to it. We already know the FBI was spotted in the Quad-Cities just before Christmas. Someone was arrested at the Moline Walmart, and the media simply was told “The investigation is ongoing.”

I sure hope it is. I hope they are looking into the political filth that has terrorized this community for decades, too.

Until next time.

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