I bummed them and ‘looked like a woman’ smoking. What do cigs cost you?

New WalletHub report reveals nasty truth about how your wallet is burning up like a nasty stogie when you puff cigs

North Dakotans get by cheapest, spending about $84,000 over the course of their lifetime on a pack-a-day habit.

Ooh, but in New York: It’s about $200,000.


You can read how WalletHub came up with those statistics by clicking here. In fact, this will take you to a super cool, easy-to-read and navigate web page with smokin’ hot statistics, state by state.

You’re going to feel your wallet burn as you read it if you’re a smoker. Maybe just the motivation you need to quit.

I once had a Foxy man tell me I “looked like a woman” when I smoked cigarettes. I bummed them and was shameless about it. Oh, yes, I was that person EVERYONE dreaded walking out to the smoking pit.

But that’s in the past. Here’s an excerpt from a blog I wrote on the second anniversary of stopping smoking:

You can read the full piece I wrote on my second anniversary of stopping smoking by clicking here. But here’s how it started out:

You could find me there every night, at the corner of 69th and Mary streets. Beer in one hand, cigarette in the other. On the weekends, sometimes you could find me there 12 hours a day, “pulling double shifts,” as I used to tell the bar owner.

Definitely NOT the corner of happy and healthy, at least not for me.

I remember being very flattered that legendary Quad-City television newswoman Chris Minor had commented “Great piece, on your newfound peace” on the original version that lived on Healthline Contributors. I thought that was clever and nice of Chris.

Healthline dismantled that original Contributors site, pictured with this piece, but very graciously gave me several weeks heads-up notice and permission to reprint on my site.

I have said it many times, and maybe I got crosswise with one regime at Healthine (we all align with certain personalities…or not!), but the marketing department is, was, and always has been, pure gold at Healthline.

Note to Healthline: Thanks for how you handled the Contributors content, and thanks for that platform. I think that enriched me even more than the tens of thousands of dollars I made writing for your editorial department over the course of two years. That, too, was enjoyable, fun work.

When I gave up cigarettes five years ago in February, it wasn’t a triumph in a way I felt cocky about (which is difficult for me to control).

It was a HUGE triumph, though, that I never had felt before in terms of knowing what I truly am capable of. It gave me the confidence I needed to do everything else I needed to do, and have done.

Set yourself a goal for a triumph. It doesn’t have to be huge.

You can even make it that pile of dishes in the sink.

Own that victory when those dishes on done, and build on it!

Until next time.

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