5 Ways to Refresh a Kitchen by changing the Cabinet Jewelry

 Copyright 2018, DavidHeitz.com 

I bet you never have given much respect to the handles on your kitchen cabinets, have you?

In fact, they’re not handles. They’re called jewelry. And just like someone freshening their look with new bling, your cabinets will shine bright like a diamond with new jewelry.

  1. With the right wood, turn 1970s gaud into contemporary grand. Many homebuyers may find themselves landing in a home that had great cabinets “back in the day.” Before tossing those cabinets, consider changing the jewelry.

Contemporary nickel tubes against older cabinets of darker wood can dramatically change a kitchen for just pennies on the dollar of a total kitchen redo.

  1. Turn fine cabinets into grand cabinets. Those home sellers and buyers downsizing due to retirement or other reasons may find themselves in smaller spaces. The smaller spaces may be new, with good appointments, but just not as grand. Bling it up with high-end cabinet jewelry to make the cabinets pop. In a smaller space, costs remain low but impact high.
  2. Get crazy contemporary. Have you even seen cabinet handles that are discs instead of handles? They make ‘em. Roam online for just the right cabinet jewelry for you. They come shaped like leaves, made of glass, in the form of shocking multicolored knobs, and much more. Buy a roll of Starburst, brew some tea and peruse cabinet jewelry online.
  3. Make mom or grandma’s room just as she likes it. Changing jewelry can go beyond cabinets, of course. Perhaps your mom or dad has moved in with your family and has their own space. However, it may be a bit too contemporary for their taste.

You can go online and find the same sort of glass doorknobs mom had in the old World War II bungalow you grew up in. While you may appreciate your home’s contemporary appointments, nothing will make you feel better than making mom or dad feel at home.

  1. Paint over dated wood cabinets and start with a clean slate. Go crazy dreaming up color and jewelry schemes. Maybe those old 1970s cabinets were not of great quality, and the wood just looks heinous. Paint them! Go white with red handles. Or red with white handles.

Paint ‘em green and splash on yellow knobs. Awash them with yellow paint and adorn chrome knobs.

The possibilities are endless, and great fun to think about.

Bonus tip: Buy an old house with a 1970s pass-through? Consider removing the cabinets altogether and just creating an open space. The shelves exposed by removing the cabinets also can be removed. The slots suspending the structure can stay if you choose, and the frame of the pass-through can be used to display a variety of niceties.

Consider placing fresh flowers in the pass-through. This not only beautifies both sides of the structure, but also provides a vehicle for fragrant flowers to fill your house with freshness.

You may want to display antique dolls, Isabel Bloom statues, or even a Pez collection.

Pez Pass Through

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