FDA blasts companies offering unproven detox remedies, cautions opioid users

There’s something just as filthy going on as Congress colluding with Pharma to create the opioid epidemic.

At least in the eyes of FDA: Companies trying to make money off the addicted by peddling them dangerous snake oil for withdrawals.

The FDA dropped the hammer Wednesday on a dozen companies claiming to offer products that will ease the sting of opioids evacuating the system. While some opioid dependent people say the severity of the withdrawals are exaggerated, dead bodies tell a different story.

Detox should not be taken lightly. That’s not to say it cannot be done at home. But it always should be done in consultation with a health care professional if at all possible.

The FDA fingered the following companies and products:

Opiate Freedom Center(“Opiate Freedom 5-Pack”), U4Life, LLC (“Mitadone”), CalmSupport, LLC (“CalmSupport”), TaperAid(“TaperAid” & “TaperAid Complete”), Medicus Holistic Alternatives LLC (“Natracet”), NutraCore Health Products, LLC (“Opiate Detox Pro”), Healthy Healing, LLC (“Withdrawal Support”), Soothedrawal, Inc.(“Soothedrawal”), Choice Detox Center, Inc. (“Nofeel”), GUNA, Inc. (“GUNA-ADDICT 1”), and King Bio, Inc.(“AddictaPlex”).

The federal agency also said the above companies made “illegal” claims, including the following:

  • “#1 Selling Opiate Withdrawal Brand”
  • “Imagine a life without the irritability, cravings, restlessness, excitability, exhaustion and discomfort associated with the nightmare of addiction and withdrawal symptoms”
  • “Safe and effective natural supplements that work to ease many physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal”
  • “Break the pain killer habit”
  • “Relieve Your Symptoms…addiction, withdrawal, cravings.”

They did not attack medical cannabis.

In a statement to the news media, acting FTC Chairman Maureen K. Ohlhausen said, “Opioid addiction is a serious health epidemic that affects millions of Americans. Individuals and their loved ones who struggle with this disease need real help, not unproven treatments. We will continue to work together with the FDA to address this important issue.”

The Federal Trade Commission urges those suffering from opioid dependence and those who care for them to read this fact sheet about such products.

I would be curious what all my social media friends have to say about this.

Until next time.

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