Alleged meth, ecstasy kingpin, son of previous owner of my home, captured


Editor’s note: Frank Fitzpatrick is serving four years in prison. You can check out the court record here. Sources tell me two dozen tattoo-necks are being held in federal custody on meth charges.

Copyright David Heitz, 2018

Alleged meth and ecstasy kingpin Frank Fitzpatrick, who lived in my childhood home prior to my dad purchasing it back in 2013, has been captured.

He is being held in Rock Island County Jail on $100,000 bond. He appeared in Rock Island County court Jan. 18, presumably the day of his capture.

According to Rock Island County court records, Fitzpatrick’s charges include:

  • Manufacturing more than 15 but less than 200 ecstasy pills, A class X felony
  • Delivery of more than 5 grams of meth, a class II felony
  • Other narcotics schedule I and II, a class II felony

Fitzpatrick, who just turned 30 this week, is friends with my cousin Bobby Heitz of Rock Island.

Bobby told me the last night I ever took a drink (before my brief relapse this spring) – the night he and some of his friends from this neighborhood assaulted me in my basement and nearly left me for dead in May 2014 – that Fitzpatrick was a “cool guy who could get any drug you want,” or something along those lines.

I asked Bobby if in all the years of partying at this “party house” if he ever told anyone this was the home his Uncle Benny and Aunt Barbara had worked very hard for.

He said he did not.

Fitzpatrick has been appointed a public defender. He is set to appear again in Rock Island County Court at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

Last week, Fitzpatrick filed a motion demanding a speedy trial.
Rock Island County Sheriff Gerry Bustos has assessed a $1,659 fee to Fitzpatrick. The fee is not explained.

That would almost pay the deductible for the damage Rock Island County Sheriff Gerry Bustos ‘ department did to my basement. Of course, State Farm is fighting the claim as it is. They’ll learn, too, that I don’t give up.

Bustos, by the way, is the appointed sheriff hubby of my former longtime friend US Rep Cheri Bustos.

Cheri and I have known each other for decades via the corrupt and filthy Quad-City Times. I have been a guest in Gerry and Cheri’s home.

A year after the assault, I was held, tortured and taunted in the Rock Island County Jail on no charges at all in May 2015. You can read about that here.

Meanwhile, police illegally searched my home and damaged the foundation of my basement.

I had taken two corrupt cops – one Rock Island city, one Rock Island county – to Mulkey’s on my dime for a Healthline story just days before.

I also was serving as an informant in the Alderman Bill Boom, town gay bar owner political corruption case.

I also was providing detailed information on what I believe to be a human trafficking ring in the Quad-Cities.

When I was released from the jail, where I thought sure I was going to be murdered, I was taken to UnityPoint Trinity crisis center.  There, the gaslighting continued.

I used to live in fear for my life every day due to what I heard in the jail, particularly a plan to load me onto a C17 and traffic me out of the Quad-Cities forever. Now I know that DOZENS are going to prison, many already have. I delight in sending even more to “Vandalia,” as my dad always fantasized in sending the Rock Island mobsters.

I remain unemployed, with PTSD, and I’m being completely honest when I say I have near ZERO FOOD and zero TOILETRIES and CLEANING SUPPLIES in this house.

Good people have been helping me for weeks now. I can’t ask the same people to help over and over again. I have applied for COUNTLESS JOBS. I have been selling my possessions to pay for toilet paper and other supplies, as well as my medical cannabis (I take no meds, tapered down from 4 mg Ativan per day…I am PROUD OF THAT!!)

But now I have nothing left to sell.

Fitzpatrick, who eluded police for months, is the son of a well-connected Rock Island County Democrat, Todd Fitzpatrick, a Moline firefighter and head of the Milan Fire Department.

The judge admonished Fitzpatrick in court and warned him he may be tried in absentia.

Until next time.

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