Why I think the MS-13 gang in the corrupt Quad-Cities includes LGBT people

Pixabay STOCK IMAGE in no way intended to be example of anything related to MS-13 gang or any gang.

Editor’s update: The LGBT likely belong to Aryan Brotherhood and Latin Kings gangs in the Quad-Cities more so than MS-13.

Most people in a situation like mine, in an effort to discredit them, would be accused of thinking the federal government is after them.

But I think the federal government is protecting me. Because they did, for a week, while I was in Florida.

Before they didn’t.

In not many ticks of the clock ago, President Trump, in historic remarks, spoke of an animal gang known as MS-13 which is terrorizing the nation. This international gang, known for their terrifying tattoos on their faces, is finally being taken down in New York. But, President Trump has vowed the United States is using all resources to bring down these killer animals immediately, no matter where they are.

Even if they are right in your own neighborhood.

Today, I tell you that dozens of tattoo-faced youngsters, mostly white, but of all races, as well as more simplified tattoo-necked delinquents, have been hauled into Scott County and Rock Island county jails for the past several weeks.

Most, I am gathering based on hunches, reviews of online records, and personal interviews with sources who spoke with me during the past several weeks on condition of anonymity, are in federal custody now.

The tattoo-neck human trafficking culture has a hierarchy, with different tattoos meaning different things. Legend has it human trafficking victims are branded.

I have personally known a couple of fully-branded tattoo-necks hauled in during recent days. I simply told them “Pretty!” when their tattoo brand first emerged, I would guess at least six years ago. I fled that culture shortly thereafter, which I fell into as a regular at the LGBT bar in Davenport and a person who has a knack for hanging out with the powerful, good and bad.

Many human trafficking victims feel like they suddenly have a sense of belonging, drugs, money, alcohol…so what’s the problem?

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No doubt, they have NO IDEA they are becoming cogs in a wheel powered by a scary gang of animals, IF things are as they appear to be to me.

Toss into all of this that MS-13 began in Southern California, in the very communities where I served as a high-ranking editor…and the fact I had a methamphetamine problem while living in those communities…I think my logic is extremely credible and my hypothesis sound and I hope the federal government is aggressively acting upon it.

No doubt, during my own years as a tweaker in Southern California, I might have mingled with some of these early gang members’ underlings. Who knows.

My stories are many, my memory long. A Turk from USC comes to mind. I make note of this publicly, vaguely, only as a reminder as a lot of this is so much to digest, it can equally be hard to recall.

Why would the county go to such bizarre lengths to get rid of you?

In the past couple of weeks, my bizarre arrest three years ago on no charges at all, and subsequent torture in the Rock Island, Illinois jail,which is run by the appointed sheriff (to an elected position) of my community, has come into sharper focus.

That I had just fired my AA sponsor (but remained sober two and a half years later) who sat on the Rock Island County Board adds to the eye-popping nuttiness of it all.

Shocking C17 Joyride Corruption: Nuttier-than-all-get-out, whack-job Democrats planned to load me onto airplane at souped-up Quad-City “international” airport with nine daily puddle-jumper flights; secondary story is the insane waste of taxpayer dollars spent

It has become known that my uncle, who lives in Florida, is according to my aunt Le Ella Crosby, friends with embattled airport commissioner Jim Bohnsack. Bohnsack finally resigned after I hope the soon-to-be-OPENLY-gay GOP party chair demanded he do so.

Hollywood could not make this stuff up. It’s rich. Thank you, Drue Mielke.

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Sadly, after my aunt, who I had been estranged from for three years, told me this information about Mr. Bohnsack, which I passed along to authorities, she had a heart attack.

Last I knew, she was in filthy UnityPoint Trinity Hospital with a failing heart and pneumonia.

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My aunt Le Ella Crosby of Rock Island, who I demanded receive police protection after I shared with authorities the information she shared with me, is my mother’s sister. She was shocked to kingdom come when she began to learn the details of my mysterious horror of three years ago.

I sent her the court documents that any newspaper reporter could access, but does not, to show my story is true.

There are so many layers. First, I took two corrupt cops two Mulkey’s (one was awarded ‘Officer of the Year’ the other day) while I was working from my Rock Island, Illinois home (my childhood home I am holed up in now) for Healthline News. I was working on a story about dabbing, and I wanted to pick their brains.

At that time, I told them about Alderman Mr. Bill Boom and what I thought he might be up to.One of the cops mentioned another local person as a possible “kingpin” of sorts. That whizzed over my head at the time.

Moving on, I next ended up in Rock Island County Jail, arrested at my dad’s memory care insanity asylum for thinking my life was in danger and hollering “Call 911!” aloud. It’s more complicated than that…the Moline Police Department is filthy beyond belief.
Read about what happened that day, about three years ago, by clicking here.

Four years ago THIS weekend, I was assaulted by my cousin. You can read about that by clicking here.

And in the past year, this happened … but it never has been in the newspaper, no doubt a cover-up favor for a ranking Democrat.

Lee Enterprises clearly is controlled by the filthy, corrupt, depraved, Rock Island, Illinois political machine

Water Bill Corruption at South RI Township leads to MS-13 Clues

 The filthy county of Rock Island is so brazenly corrupt, evil, and psychotic, that when I applied for water bill assistance they asked to see my “mental health records” and “mortgage payment.”

I am a victim of insane political corruption, and anyone with a brain can see I am heavily protected as I write this. Yet, instead of falling on their swords, the depraved county apparently has unleashed an army of terrorists. These “sleepers” seem to have come awake, and they are committing crimes all over town.

Sadly, many of them live in my neighborhood, in houses where doors often would be wide open, unlocked, abandoned. I would call RIPD, who would do nothing.

Sounds like keys being left in unlocked cars, doesn’t it?

Long story short, I sought utility bill assistance elsewhere.

And I ran into some sources. And we swapped stories. And I learned about tattoo neck gangs, MS-13 International gang, etc., etc.

I know that about two dozen possible MS-13s are locked up from corrupt Quad-Cities, many federally, right now. I recognize some tattoo-necks as “Boomtistas” from my gay bar days.

A tattoo artist from corrupt Quad-Cities was killed in Kansas City last week.

The city and the county both, from my vantage point, appear to be on the verge for going down for things so gross I’ll let the feds tell you.

My home has a bullet in it (and two bullet holes) but apparently U.S. Rep Cheri Bustos has instructed the Quad-City news media not to report any of it.

Am I being sarcastic? No. This crap is weird and it scares the hell out of me. Cheri or Gerry would have personally reached out and made all this right LOOONNNNNNGGGG ago if something putrid were not up.

Bustos’ husband Gerry is the appointed sheriff in the corrupt, filthy county of Rock Island. The two of them reportedly have an income in the top 1 percent of all Americans.

I met them both in 1986. Cheri was a rookie reporter; Gerry a rookie cop. They lived in Taylor Ridge.

I worked with Cheri at the Quad-City Times.When I returned here from Los Angeles in 2002, strung out having just quit meth cold turkey Cheri offered me the corporate writer job at Trinity. I turned it down after staffers told me she had “lost her mind” and that I would never want to work for her.

I already was working as an editor at The Dispatch making OK money, so I did decline the position.

I am a bit triggered and will be smoking my legal marijuana and adding to this report as the night develops.

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