Family Resources director gaslights me when I go to organization about Bill Boom

Just how filthy is corrupt Quad-Cities?

It’s SO filthy that the ONLY organization in town charged with helping the vulnerable – people who are raped and trafficked, for example – is run by an angry, unprofessional woman who threatens those who seek help from her organization.

That agency is called Family Resources, Inc. The blatant gaslighting and outrageously unprofessional behavior displayed by Mary Macumber Schmidt when I went to Braking Traffik about my knowledge of disgraced Davenport Alderman Bill Boom and his associates is beyond reproach.

Indeed, that FILTHY organization apparently used what I told them to have the FBI THREATEN ME for knowing too much. But only after the FBI, under dirty Comey, FIRST pretended to listen to me and affirm me.

Mary Macumber Schmidt was so blatantly hateful she put the kibosh on an interview I had requested about human trafficking in the Quad-Cities. Mary, you already look so filthy with that sentence alone, I’m not sure I need to go any further.

But you also raised your voice, indeed you YELLED at me in an effort to shut me down. Don’t lie Mary, for all we know the call was tapped. Mary, you’re FILTHY as far as I am concerned. I am afraid of you and I am afraid for every child living on your campus.

You had the guts to treat me like this even after I offered to leave Braking Traffik my entire estate when I die. Go ahead and laugh. My house isn’t exactly a trailer.

Dirty Family Resources recently was in the news for some shocking filth. A counselor at Annie Wittenmyer complex – indeed, orphans are held on the campus of Family Resources (or at least used to be) – had sex with a minor and bought him pot.

First, filthy Braking Traffik would not return my calls for the longest time. The woman who ran the Braking Traffik division of Family Resources, whose name escapes me, is friends with Jeff and Ann Boyd (Jeff was the sheriff of Rock Island County before Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan essentially framed him…yeah, Jeff’s not an angel, but Gerry Bustos is trying to kill me as far as I can tell, so there you go; Ann works at the Quad-City Times).

I finally met with the woman from Braking Traffik at Lee’s on 14th. It became very clear she wanted me to talk at length about my sexual experiences as part of the Bill Boom/Dan Fox crowd.

I was extremely offended by this, because in law enforcement one goes after “the head of the snake.” It may be hard to believe, but Bill Boom is going to end up looking like very small potatoes in all of this when the truth comes out.


If, that is, appointed Sheriff Gerry (to an elected position) and U.S. Rep Cheri Bustos do not successfully have me murdered first. I have known they have thug men working for them, because I went to school with these thugs. The thugs control the LGBT tattoo-neck MS13 gang. One member, Chris Brandt, was my marijuana dealer before I got my marijuana card.

At any rate, yesterday I humiliated myself with the “My life as a Bill Boom whore” piece.

My association with Chris Brandt and Roel DeBruyn

How did I meet Chris? Someone I know from Mary’s on 2nd, Roel De Bruyn, introduced him to me. Chris and Roel showed up at my house, and I got the weed from Chris. It was GREAT WEED.

Of course it was. It’s the same weed I get now with my marijuana card. This was all about three years ago.

I have no doubt the weed came from NTI.

I really liked Chris Brandt. He’s cute as hell and has a fun personality.

I still like Chris Brandt think about him a lot.

But the night I met him, I forget what I said to him exactly, but basically he jumped into my lap and told me he was good at a lot of things.

I’m not the type to be attracted to someone who comes off a whore.

But I don’t think Chris IS a whore, the poor guy is a VICTIM.

I remained Chris’s friend, not so much because he had the great weed (but yeah), but because I think he is a VICTIM OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING. And whether he is gay or straight, I felt a connection to Chris, and still do, and I hope he is OK.

Chris asked how I knew Tim Ryerson, a cop who I suspect is a fully corrupt murderous thug. What a random question, it seemed. However, Tim and I were friends on Facebook at that time, and I had this weird idea in my head that maybe Ryerson was gay (NOT!) because he was being so friendly to me.

Such a fool I was. I think he’s the keeper of the human trafficking boys, to be honest with you, but I have no proof. They all live in apartments. I know where they are and have given the addresses to law enforcement.

Sadly, Rock Island Police are corrupt, so they probably never even went to that brick building next to the Hillside Inn near Milan Bridges to see if human trafficking victims are housed there.

How all of this has jacked me up sexually

Chris told me I inspired him to stay sober. And that was so interesting, because he was doing the same for me during the period I was getting weed from him.

But I felt he was NOT gay.

I have heard Chris to be with both men and women. But now I think about my own sexuality, and how confused I am….no wonder I felt a connection to Chris.

I think I am gay, for sure. Bisexual is more like it. BUT, for me being gay, or bi, isn’t just sexual. It’s about being abused by nasty, hateful women and no longer being able to imagine any sort of intimacy with a woman. I am saying, sexually I am attracted to women, and I never used to be, BUT I never would have sex with one because I want a relationship, and do not get along with women.

It never would work.

So, thank God I am attracted to men, too.

Does Chris Brandt have a connection to the filthy Fordhams?

I had a page for my dad called Benny Heitz. I had to get rid of the page because my dishonest, corrupt, hateful cousin Allison Fordham O’Malley kept insulting me on it.

You see, Allison is one of several dangerous Fordham girls born to Alan Fordham, my uncle. Alan was my mom’s brother. He’s a racist and also hates gay people. He now lives on a plantation in Florida.

My cousin Allison (we call her Oopie) said he’s got $10 million. Now, he was a union steward for paint or drywall, I believe. Alan having $10 million is as nuts as corrupt Gerry and Cheri Bustos being in the top 1 percent.

But wait…oh boy…a connection! Cheri is the one who said, “Put him through the tunnel and onto a C17” while I was held on no charges and tortured in the Rock Island County Jail three years ago. I had just gone to Doug Williams of RIPD and Steve Rusk of Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department about drugs and human trafficking.

Turns out, Jim Bohnsack, the disgraced airport commissioner who finally resigned, is pals with uncle Alan. At least, that’s what my Aunt LeElla Crosby told me. She had a heart attack a few days later and is now in FILTHY UnityPoint Trinity hospital with pneumonia. I doubt I ever will see her again, even though the house is right up the street. I am not safe to walk anywhere; the FBI would admit this is true. Nobody will help me with rides, food or my legal medical cannabis.

I am only unemployed because whack job Democrats from corrupt Quad-Cities have blackballed me in the healthcare space. It won’t last forever.

Mary Macumber Schmidt, I implore you to resign at once.

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