Just how filthy is Facebook? At least as filthy as Rock Island, Illinois, apparently

Just how filthy, corrupt, and dangerous is Facebook?

Well, it’s at least as filthy, corrupt, and dangerous as the county and the city of Rock Island.

After I heard a deranged politician in need of immediate mental health treatment say, “Put him through the tunnel and onto a C17,” just after I was jailed on no charges at all for reporting human trafficking, the next words were “Contact his bank, contact Facebook….”

And of course Killary wants to be CEO of Facebook.

Long story short, I have been suspended from posting to Facebook. LOL. Unbelievable.

But I can post this as a share, so it should go up.

New FBI victim’s advocate lasts less than a week

Some of you may or may not know I had a new victim’s advocate from FBI (supposedly) for a short time. His name was Hunter Collins, and I went to high school with him. He gave me weed money, brought me food, and did ask some serious questions pertaining to my case.

He told me he used to search C17s for the Air Force, and that he also had access to the C17 flight manifests as MLI (Quad-City International airport, which is actually a tiny regional strip).

My story: Jailed on no charges for reporting human trafficking in FILTHY Rock Island County Illinois

My story: Nearly loaded onto a C17 (and maybe I actually was) and human trafficked out of SCARY MLI Airport (same airport being sued for wrongful death by family of Prince)

My story: How I know about human trafficking and male prostitution in corrupt Quad-Cities

My story: Treated horribly by extremely hateful, unprofessional director of Family Resources, Inc.

My story:  Threatened by the FBI

He said he KNEW I was telling the truth about what happened to me, as does anyone with a brain, because no community spends seven years trying to off a journalist in so many creative ways.

But my computer was hacked after Hunter asked me a question about it. Then, I caught him in lies, and ultimately, he tried to scare me. He did not tell me to sell my house; I got scared and decided to put it up for sale.

At any rate, I think he’s working for Gerry and Cheri Bustos and I told him to stay the hell away from me.

When the Realtor, “Ryden Team,” showed up and explained to me that he’s a lobbyist and knows Cheri and Gerry Bustos, and then said I would only get $65,000 for my $130,000 house (LOL) I got rid of him, too.

So I have no advocate now. But I know now where the REAL FBI house in my neighborhood is. You see, the FBI swept my neighborhood in night gear about two weeks ago and arrested 17. However, I was led to believe the FBI was in the house across the street, what with all its high tech equipment and such, glaring LED lights, etc.

It was a ruse. The neighbors say the FBI in the house across the street was put in by a paranoid politician who is under investigation herself.

That means that when my house was shot at, and the shooter came back to retrieve the bullet, the cameras weren’t really rolling.

No wonder the shooter was so brave. No wonder the filthy cracked-out LGBT community, which helps operate the Human Trafficking ring in corrupt Quad-Cities, had the gall to unleash their filthy mouth on my Facebook page.

Loser trash.

I’ll be posting throughout the night. I’m done being nice. My next blog will be about the nasty, hateful, FILTHY woman who hung up on me just now at RIPD front desk when I tried to report a black Dodge Charger trying to run me down in St. Pius Parking Lot.

If you are a woman and I went to high school with you, stay the hell away from me. I am gay because I cannot stand being around hateful, narcissistic women. And I’m not afraid to say that anymore.

I AM sexually attracted to women. More so than men, to be honest. But I have been SO ABUSED BY EVIL HATEFUL WOMEN MY ENTIRE LIFE, I cannot EVER imagine having a relationship with one. Men are far easier to get along with, I find.

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