My kush life: What is it about kush marijuana that keeps me on the level?

Even for those who consider themselves lifelong stoners, when you get a medical marijuana card, suddenly you learn you didn’t know a thing about cannabis.

The selection can be overwhelming. And there can be a great deal of trial and error before you figure out what works for you. Our government allows only very limited research on medical marijuana, after all, and is a long, long way from actually allowing research that examines the benefits of various strains.

But for me, I learned right away that all things “kush” are the medicine I need. Lavender kush, Huckleberry kush, tangerine kush, banana kush.

If it’s kush it brings relief. Always.

But what is kush?

Peaceful plant grows native on Afghan-Pakistani border

“Kush” actually is stoner vernacular that refers to a variety of indica plants that grow wild along the Afghan-Pakistani border. Leafly, the Bible of cannabis, explains that Kush generally can be broken down into five varieties: Bubba, Purple, OG, Skywalker and Master.

I have not tried the last two, but will very soon. I know the dispensary has several Skywalker strains.

Kush indica plants are short, squatty, and, apparently, easier than most to grow, several sites explain.

In a nutshell, kush strains refer to those heavy indicas that motivate stoners to save the world. These strains induce profundity, introspection, appetite, and finally, sleep.

Kicking back and enjoying life on the kush

The kush nug is a mighty little nug, These nugs tend to be tiny, but dense, heavy, and powerful. Never underestimate the power of the punch that lies behind a kush nug.

Kush isn’t just a type of cannabis, I think it’s fair to say it’s a type of cannabis consumer. You can find a lot of “Kush” apparel directed at people who pride themselves in being heavy cannabis users. That’s not to say “kush-tistas” are typical tie-dye stoners. They are, however, a group who openly admits they enjoy life better stoned — sex, music, food…everything.

I wonder if those of us who enjoy kush and the kush life — the so-called beach bums, those who put experiences ahead of “things”– I wonder if many of us have just been through so much, we have decided that life is better stoned.

And that’s not sad at all. Thank God for that sassy little marijuana plant.

Until next time,

Yours in cannabis.

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