Am I the American #FreeTommy? No, because I’m not in jail. God bless America

There is one big difference between UK journalist Tommy Robinson and me.

He’s in jail, and I’m not.

I pray for Tommy every single day, and I praise God this July 4 that I live in the USA.

Tommy has been jailed for reporting sex crimes. The British media is largely covering it all up and spinning stories sympathetic to Tommy’s radical liberal detractors, but you can check out the coverage in the Independent of the UK here.

More than three years after it happened, I remain angry as hell for being jailed for reporting human trafficking in the 17thCongressional District of Illinois, where my once-dear friend U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos is married to the appointed sheriff.

And now, my house is even shot up. Click here and see for yourself.

And it’s for sale. I’ve done what I swore I never would do: I have given in to harassment by thugs, corrupt politicians, community sex nymphs who hire enslaved prostitutes, tweakers, gangbangers, and more.

Organized crime has chased me out of my filthy hometown, which for years has been a mafia hotbed. They even made a movie about it based on a true story called Road to Perdition. You can watch the trailer here.

But…I already have had two FBI victim’s advocates (even if one was fake…two people have claimed to be my FBI victim’s advocate, anyway) and I also have received almost $1,700 in insurance money thus far for my shot-up house.

How did I get hooked up with the FBI? You can read all about that by clicking here.

Both of these accomplishments would previously have been considered “impossible” in my town previously. I am not the first victim of terror against LGBT people who know too much. Indeed, many are now dead or missing.

Read more about Sam Davis, pulled dead from the river

Read more about David Harker, pulled dead from the river

There are many more, but these two cases I am most familiar with. I have spoken with family members of the deceased several times, and I have left them scurrying back to police demanding more information.

Chronically angry after witnessing corruption beyond belief

I am chronically angry over the torture I endured in the filthy Rock Island County Jail, which is run by a sheriff who was not even elected. But then, he’s married to U.S. Rep Cheri Bustos, who, in all my years of reporting, have I ever known a politician to be so wholly corrupt as I believe she is.

And indeed, in Rock Island, Illinois, when you write about such matters you are putting yourself in grave danger. Check out my report about what happened while I was tortured in that jail, stripped naked, held on no charges at all.

I know Cheri because I was her undisputed pet at the Quad-City Times for many years. I know way too much about a whole lot of people in my filthy, corrupt town. I am writing a book about it. You can read an excerpt from my book by clicking here.

And we were friends for years. We got cross-wise when I moved back here and she offered me the corporate writer job at the filthy local hospital system. I turned her down.

You can read all about that here.

So who was working in the jail while I was held and abused there, ON NO CHARGES, mentally tortured and given poisonous food?  Indeed, it was hateful LGBT people with drug problems who had been fired from the gay bar who were working as jailers.

And I had just gone to two filthy cops, Rock Island County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Rusk and Rock Island Police Officer Doug Williams, about Bill Boom, human trafficking, drugs, the LGBT community and Mary’s on 2ndStreet. Mary’s would be the local gay bar.

Mary’s since has been plowed into by teens in a stolen car, I suspect possible MS13 gang members, and nearly destroyed. See it for yourself right here.

Fast forward: Bill Boom is now a convicted felon, having admitted he gave money to his houseboy to buy meth, who then dealt it to the LGBT community, which has harassed me daily for many years.You can learn all about the meth operation that was happening at the Boom-Wenthe house by clicking here.

Sick-in-the-head Democrats assault me in my house

We now know that my house, my childhood home, previously was owned by Democrat loyalist and high-ranking official Milan Police Chief and Moline Firefighter Todd Fitzpatrick

I was “arrested” in Moline at FILTHY Amber Ridge Memory Care, and I don’t mean filthy by appearance, but by the way the previous executive director ran it. Praise God she has left the institution.

And my brother? Despite years of well documented drug addiction, he works at chief of security at Sears Northpark, Davenport (previously he worked at Sears Southpark, Moline).


He knows all the cops and nothing ever will happen to you. Once, after I was assaulted, my cousin called him up at his house. He started giggling that his grill had set his house on fire, that the Moline fire department had shown up, and that he was cooking them all a hamburger.

When my cousin Cindy relayed this to me, I relayed it to officer Pat Richter of RIPD. I thought his head was going to explode in anger.


Today, Frank Fitzpatrick is serving a four-year prison sentence for dealing and manufacturing drugs. You can read all about that here, and please click on the link to the court record so you can check it out for yourself.

You see, the Quad-City Timesis nothing more than a mouthpiece for U.S. Rep Cheri Bustos and the filthy corruption going on by Democrats all across the QCA, but especially Rock Island County, Illinois.

Many are going to prison in the days ahead. Those in the know already have canceled their subscriptions and recognize the Quad-City Times for the filthy, corrupt disgrace that it is.

Indeed, it was a Quad-City Timesreporter who said to me, direct quote, “Dave, you’re going to be having a GOOD OLD TIME. Be patient.”

We no longer speak.

Happy Fourth of July, especially to all the patriots out there, and the men and women defending our Constitutional rights.

I appreciate you.

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