If US Rep Bustos is spying on me, why? My life is boring. I do this back at ‘spy house’

UPDATE: The cameras were removed on Sunday 7/15 after my post. The cameras had been up since at least December. It is unclear whether the Tennessee spies remain, although I saw them packing their car up yesterday.  

Let me tell you about the scary house across the street. I have to look at it every time I look out my windows.

It never used to be scary.

But that all changed about two years ago.

It all started when the elderly woman who used to live there by herself had her daughter (or is the son?) and son-in-law (or is it daughter-in-law?… Neighbors have heard both versions) arrive. They proceeded to tell a handful of us in the neighborhood that their mother was being harassed (people banging on her windows and such) and for us all to be on the lookout.

A short time later, another man claiming to be the son of the elderly woman went door to door with his daughter, handing out his sister’s phone number in the event they see anyone harassing his mother. But the other son (daughter? Daughter-in-law?) who arrived said THAT MAN actually is the bad son harassing his mother (mother-in-law?)


The long and the short of it is that the elderly woman’s relatives from Tennessee moved in with her well over a year ago. Mr. Tennessee began to visit me regularly, spending hours at a time visiting me with my living room. A time or two, he asked to smoke my weed. I told him no, I could lose my card over that.

I liked the guy from Tennessee, as it is no secret I am a down home Republican, or at least have become one. I am about the furthest thing from a gay Yankee that you could possibly get, in fact, after my shocking abuse at the hands of the mentally ill, criminal Rock Island County Democratic party.


I told him all about the corrupt, FILTHY Rock Island County Sheriff’s Department and all about Gerry and Cheri Bustos. He ate it up.

When I would ask him a few months later why RI County Sheriff’s Deputies would respond to their distress calls instead of RIPD, he would say, “Oh I know those guys.”

That became to be his mantra for everything. For example, he said, “Oh yeah, I know that guy” when I told him about the woman up the street, Barbie, who was out walking my elderly neighbor one day. Barbie suggested I write a parody about drugs and lawmakers.I came up with this piece that I think is really funny. Click here, but read it later. Don’t let it distract you from the seriousness of the situation (maybe that’s what ‘Barbie’ was trying to do, who knows).

Over the course of the summer, I, too, was harassed now and then. When I would wake up to commotion, I often would run to the window, look outside, and see a White Ford Explorer fleeing the house across the street. A time or two, I saw bald man chase after cars.

Weird stuff. Was bald man a cop?

The Hunter Collins and “Team Ryden” factor 

Apparently so. And according to my self-proclaimed SECOND FBI victim’s advocate Hunter Collins, who I went to high school with, I would be “safe” if I let the house across the street see the “Team Ryden” SUV when it polled up. His SUV is marked “QCREALTOR.”

Collins is retired Air Force. He said he used to get the flight manifests at Quad-City International Airport and he also searched the C17s. He said he knew I was telling the truth. You can read about my shocking nightmare in the Rock Island County Jail by clicking here. 

By the way, Collins was my SECOND FBI victim’s advocate, the first being a woman named Amie Lohman.

When QCREALTOR arrived, he began to take pictures of the inside of my house, including a framed front page my boss Bill Lobdell gave me. The page from Glendale News-Press was headlined “What Kind of Human,” and the paper, under my leadership, won an award. The paper dedicated that edition to coverage of when a man in Glendale burned his family up while they slept. His entire family.

When I mentioned Cheri Bustos name (I’m sneaky that way) he said, “OH I love Cheri Bustos!!” He later told me he said he simply knew her as a lobbyist in Washington.


Tennessee’s wife very unfriendly, never liked me

Tennessee bald man’s wife never much cared for me. She’d make a nasty, “You’re conceited” face whenever I would express pride in my own. She was an extraordinarily unfriendly woman who seldom spoke; nothing like her friendly husband.

Once, Mr. Tennessee told me it would be “defeatist” for me to leave.

They left for the winter, and the man who is over there now moved in. That happened a couple of weeks after I was threatened by the FBI and my house was shot up the first time. However, he left a while back and Tennessee Baldy moved in again until about a month ago.

It’s like the investigation gets called off and re-started, and different people move in and out of that house. Every time I begin to cooperate with authorities AGAIN, I feel like I am telling the story from scratch all over again.

Because I am.

It’s mind f*&$, it is.

You can read all about the FBI threatening me by clicking here.

You can read about my house being shot up by clicking here.

‘Tennessee Baldy’ is out, ‘Stunt Double’

For me, the bottom line is this.

The house across the street clearly is NOT the FBI house. The FBI house looks like any old house. I know which house is the “FBI House” because my neighbor told me. She is not crazy. She saw the sweep last month when, in night gear, the FBI came through the neighborhood and arrested 17. I did wake up that night and saw what looked like a government people loading people up from the Dipple house.

The Dipple house has been the site of almost constant police activity since I moved here. That used to be Dolores Fox’s house, where the neighborhood children attended Vacation Bible School for Bethany Baptist Church.

But back to the Spy House. The equipment on it is from Walmart, and sometimes they even post what to me look like IEDs on the stop sign (correct! Public ROW) A neighbor saw this violation recently and was aghast.

Silly me, I told her, it’s the FBI house, they can do what they want.
She’s smart and did not respond. I feel silly that I let that house fool me as long as I did when my neighbors knew the truth.

As I wrap this up, I took a final lap around the block and now none of the cameras are NOT fixed on my house but fixed on the house next door to me. Where they should be pointed.

Tomorrow’s blog.

When I asked Tennessee baldy if their cameras got the shooter of my house last May, he just shrugged his shoulders.

That was the night I jumped online when I was woken by the house alarm. Twenty minutes later, one Timothy Michael Madigan was taken into the Scott County Jail.

It wasn’t for shooting my house, and I’m not saying he shot my house.

And I’m not saying he didn’t. Bill Boom used to talk about the Illinois speaker having a gay son.

This is scary stuff, folks. The man over there now looks like Tennessee Baldy but is not. He’s a stunt double, I guess.


If it weren’t so scary, it would be slapstick. Just look at this editorial cartoon in which I delight, so much so I paid Quad-City Times $20 for a print and framed it.


Here’s what that’s all about. Yes, Cheri likes to spy on constituents and voted to give herself those powers a while back. Check it out for yourself right here.

Not even the neighbors on each side of the “spy house” believe a word of anything that comes out of the mouths of anyone in it.

I know this to be true.

Indeed, the home is now known as the Bustos and Bustos “Spy House” harassing the sober caregiver who was jailed for going to police about human trafficking.

There is NOWHERE for the SICK people who hurt me to run, even if the FBI and DOJ do give them a free pass.


Until next time.

Coming tomorrow: All about the house next door, from which twice my home was shot point blank

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