Augustana College, St. John Lutheran Church, and why they scare me

Image of Moscow Square in winter courtesy Pixabay. 

Never have I seen so many dishonest narcissists have the same two Rock Island institutions in common.

The institutions? St. John Lutheran Church and Augustana College.

The narcissists? Let’s start with Rock Island County Board member Kai Swanson, my former Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor.

I do not trust him one bit, and I never will. Why should I, as my therapist used to rhetorically ask?

What kind of AA sponsor leaves you to rot in a jail he partially controls, held on no charges for reporting sex crimes? Especially when he knew you had been sober an entire year?

Kai, was it revenge for saying, “No thanks, Kai” and then staying sober on my own?

But it goes beyond that. With Mr. Swanson’s superior intelligence, he was able to manipulate facts and then spit them back at me in ways that were dishonest, gaslighting, and downright hateful.

He did this all the time regarding my brother, who at the time was in an active methamphetamine addiction and regularly hiring Bill Boom prostitutes. My brother has harbored countless criminals through the years. Former Quad-City Timespolice reporter Ann McGlynn, now PR diva for St. Paul Lutheran Church, Davenport, knows all about this. I used to give her letters from prisoners at my brother’s request (Ann and I worked at the Quad-City Times together….there’s that filthy newspaper again…but Ann and I worked great together…Ann, maybe when they lock up/fire some QCT filthies we can be a team again, that would be tits).

Together, Ann and I earned this first-place award right before my departure. Ann was the editor on this story here:

Panhandlers pepper interstate off-ramps

Kai should have known better. I am just as intelligent as he is.

But with street smarts.

The streets of Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff taught me well. You can read all about that right here.

Scary St. John Lutheran Church

I always thought St. John would be a great church, because I always thought Pastor Stacie Fidlar was a great person.

Now I’m not so sure.

Stacie, from the git go, knew something significant and horrible happened to me. She ran to the memory care institution immediately when she saw my FB post:

“Help! He’s going to kill my dad and I both!”

The entire Quad-Cities saw it (I had more than 2,000 PERSONAL Facebook friends at the time…now I have ZERO…my journalism FB page is a business/political/journalist/public figure page).

I totally anticipated the mass exodus of the page. If it gets down to ZERO it’s worth it entirely as long as the kingpins of the depraved sex abuse and methamphetamine ring are LOCKED UP.

Pastor Fidlar told me she asked one thing of the memory care institution, which had installed a Per Mar guard (Antifa DNC Showbiz Machine): “Did David leave here on his own?”

The answer, “NO,” alarmed her.

And the next thing you know that filthy church, run by elders of the filthy college, sent her on a “sabbatical” where she was not allowed to accept calls, but could make them.

Stacie Fidlar, by no means, did not start out an evil, corrupt person who withholds information about human rights violations committed by powerful politicians. Cheri and Gerry Bustos never used to be corrupt either, believe. I had cocktails with Cheri all the time when I wasn’t even old enough to drink.

Oh, Cheri, let’s delight in those Pat McGuire’s days. Or the drunken parties at staffer goodbye galas! Indeed, the Quad-City Times had me a hardcore drunk before I even was 21 years old.


Stacie has been my only friend, too

Stacie listened to me for a long time regarding my jail terror and made me feel better. But then it changed. She started saying, “Cheri Bustos doesn’t have time for you, and she’s running for Senate, and she’s going to have you committed.”

I used to see my therapist screaming in terror over this.

The gaslighting and harassment by Pastor Fidlar only got worse as the months went by. I have not spoken to her in well over a year.

As a graduate of Augustana College in 1992, I served as editor of The Observerstudent newspaper my junior year in 1991. Stacie and I worked together my sophomore year (Stacie served as entertainment editor, I was ‘Special Report Editor.’)

We never got along.

I was happy, she morose.

But we came to be friends when I returned to corrupt Quad-Cities from Los Angeles. I enjoyed her company very much. I took her to Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse on my birthday a couple of years ago.

Stacie plunged into extraordinary anxiety and then “went missing” herself shortly after my capture and torture by the corrupt Rock Island County Democrats. I had just told Rock Island Police Department Officer of the Year Doug Williams and Rock Island County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Rusk about Bill Boom’s suspected human trafficking ring.

Next thing you knew, I was in jail. No charges. Poisoned. Tortured.

Disabled. Chronic PTSD.

You either know the story or can poke around my website. The search engine is very helpful.

Pastor Stacie Fidlar also has been the only person there for me.

There is too much more to this to be publicly discussed.

I know she is in a horrible situation. I hope she is freed from it soon so she can be the great person she is.

My friend Sam Davis…click here to learn more about Sam

My friend Sam Davis, who in retrospect we now all know, it was bizarre for the entire LGBT community, but I flipped out when Sam died.

Because I knew it could have been me or that I was next. And that’s how this all started.

One guy I still have a HUGE crush on (I’m SO bi OK) asked me to go to Sam’s visitation with him. It flipped me out.

Maybe I should have gone with him.

Just an odd thing I thought of just now. I do think that guy must be good, but he’s got somebody now so I hear.

At any rate, Sam and I came to be good friends hanging out at his place by Augustana. Mostly we had silly drama-free fun (YouTube videos) and acted nothing like the outspoken big mouths both of us are.

So that was odd. But also fun, because Sam and I used to dig at each other

At any rate, Sam told me he enjoyed playing around with Augustana guys. The only reason I even bring it up is because I think that college is evil, something very, very evil is going on down there. Ask David Harker’s widow, who I spoke with at length. She told me she learned more from me than from the Illinois State Police in four years. What dots were connected? Dots that cross Augustana College.


The scary Rock Island Police

The scary Rock Island Police is a chapter in and of itself. TO BE CONTINUED ….



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