What does my current scary situation have to do with Trudy Appleby?

Two words: Missing persons.
While I never was a missing person, everyone can now clearly see that I was supposed to be.
In the chilling words of Jane Massey, “They can’t just make you disappear. You know too many people, plus you have that social media following.”
A social media following that, in retrospect, horrified my brother the larger it became.
Who is Jane Massey? Jane was the executive director of Amber Ridge Memory Care when I chose to place my father there. While my brother was POA and ultimately responsible for all decisions, his brain was unable to comprehend my father’s illness due to being absent most of his dad’s life. Therefore, I worked directly with nursing home and state officials and John had little impact…until Jane no longer worked for the memory care institution, fired for verifiable nonsense.
I don’t know much about the Trudy Appleby case. I know I have heard a couple of wild tales as it pertains to who murdered her. But you certainly can’t believe everything you hear.
I wonder, though…this smells like law enforcement knows who snatched Trudy. Or maybe someone in law enforcement did it?
I have noticed that as I share the story of my Rock Island County Jail horror and it gains traction, the Trudy Appleby (and SEVERAL missing persons cases, in fact) have ramped up.
This is not a coincidence, I do not believe.
I do think the disappearance of Trudy Appleby somehow is related to someone in my family.
Why? What kind of family — every single member, both sides — would abandon me.
I am a good person. I only have done good the past several years.
This makes no sense. Especially on the Heitz conservative right-wing Republican Edgewood Baptist Church Christian side.
The only way it would make sense for both sides to be upset with me would be if I did something that somehow incriminated my brother.
I’m not saying my brother knows anything about the disappearance of Trudy Appleby.
I’m not saying he doesn’t.
River Rat Commando Squad, John Heitz, Chief
My brother used to be a hardcore river rat. Until he got a DUI on the river and eventually sold his boat.
His first boat was a tub. That’s what it looked like. A tub with red and yellow stripes.
I would put in the water right now and take a spin if I had it. It was a fun starter boat.
Then he got his silver speedboat which he eventually sold. He had that one a long time.
My brother became very good friends with “the River People,” as my mother called them, particularly those living along the Rock.
My brother, chief of security at Sears Northpark, Davenport, Iowa, previously chief of security at Sears Southpark, Moline, Ill., made most of his criminal friends via the river.
Some river people are scary-ass weirdos. Period.
Islands in the Mississippi River
Several islands around Campbell’s Island are key to the Trudy Appleby case, according to published news reports. My brother (and most boaters with experience) know where the islands are and which ones are which.
My brother would visit the islands in the Mississippi with his friends, as do most beer-drinking party types who go boating on the river. What better place to get ripped than an island.
I again point out that both families have disowned me for being the survivor of so many horrific crimes against me. It makes no sense, other than the fact that I have narc’d out every nasty little thing my brother did.
is he in big trouble? I have no idea.
I do not talk to anybody except my Realtor.
I have endured far too much suffering and want justice very badly. I also owe nothing to nobody and am indebted to no one on an emotional level. I am loyal to nobody and nothing but myself right now.
I think it’s odd that my Aunt Wanda “WG Harold” Kinnan Fordham showed up at my door two months ago and proceeded to tell me about the dangers I soon faced. She told me I had been born into a gang family, in so many words.
Meanwhile, it was my cousin Little Bobby Heitz who tried to kill me along with some of his friends from this neighborhood. Who did my dad buy our family home back from in 2013? The Milan Fire Chief, whose son was a meth and ecstasy kingpin and gang member, obviously. He is in prison right now and I am pretty sure it took the FBI to find him, but the Quad-City Times has covered alll of that up.
Is it possible that the same people who made Trudy Appleby disappear are the same people who have tried to make me vanish…and apparently are continuing to try to do so?
Might they be directly related to my family, or include members of my family, up to and including my brother?
Just check out these three videos from just the past few days where I discuss my scary close calls:
It’s all a terrible mix for the people who jacked with me. And as I tell my story, I think the walls might be closing in on them.
One of my mother’s last sentences to me before she died March 7, 1995 was, “David, someday Aunt Wanda may be your only friend.”
But Trudy Appleby died a little more than a year after that.
And the last time I called Aunt Wanda, three days ago?
Nasty as hell all, of a sudden. She said someone was at her door, could she call me back.
Those were the same hateful words my mom’s sister began to use after I got out of jail alive.
Aunt Wanda and Le Ella used to hate each other, maybe they are friends now.
Is it possible that someone in law enforcement themselves murdered Trudy Appleby, or at least knows who did? Why all the cover-up? Why so long?
And what does my brother know, if anything?
What do the Fordhams know?
What does Little Bobby Heitz and his friends from this neighborhood know, if anything?
The Moline Police are not playing around. Just look at these billboards they put up.
Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 12.58.21 PM
They know that somebody knows. That a lot of people know.

6 thoughts on “What does my current scary situation have to do with Trudy Appleby?

  1. We would appreciate it if you removed this. You didn’t get anyone’s permission to write about Trudy and this has already been forwarded to the proper people.


  2. You sound like a damn psycho and if you don’t know much about her case then you shouldn’t be posting a damn thing about Trudy period. Sounds to me like you’re just trying to get your brother in trouble for anything you can try and pin on him now remove this or it will be removed by the proper authority

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