What’s a Roman candle or a Rocket Joint in stoner lingo? They get you there faster

Stock photo courtesy Pixabay

After a particularly horrid day earlier this year, I told a high-ranking official in public education I intended to medicate myself with a Bio Jesus Roman candle.

She clearly was aghast. Her response? “I’d be careful smoking something called Roman candle. Just sayin’.”

She’s a nice, honest lady (at least I think she is, in my town NOTHING is as it seems) and probably meant nothing by it. But it freaked me out.

Indeed, it’s a bizarre name to many, a “Roman candle” marijuana cigarette masquerading as medicine.

I’m joking! I saw her comment as stigma against medical cannabis. The truth is, even where I live, a small Midwestern metro area, most people are extremely supportive of my medical cannabis.

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But I see her point as it pertains to vernacular. So, what in the world is a Roman candle, anyway? And why do they call it that?

Hippies invented the marijuana vernacular. As for Roman candles or “Rocket Joints,” what they actually are are joints packed with shatter, terpenes, and/or kief. This wildly ups the potency and medicinal powers of cannabis, all while using the plant’s natural ingredients. Shatter simply is concentrated cannabis boiled down, so to speak,  for potency. Kief are naturally occurring on the plant. In “Rocket Joints” they stuff even more kief, or even more intoxicating terpenes, into your pre-roll.

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So it means your pre-roll may be two, even three three or four times as potent.

Not for beginners, but great for those in between the flower and dabbing phases.

For someone with PTSD, a Bio Jesus Roman Candle, Granddaddy Purple Roman candle, or Joliet Jake Roman candle can extinguish the angry storm in even the most aggravated person with PTSD. All of these heavy indicas known for their medical uses in persons with PTSD can be made more potent in Roman candle form.

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It’s no different from increasing a patient’s dose from 25 mg to 75 mg. And there’s simply no denying it’s a far safer option than opioids or benzodiazepines.

If you haven’t heard much about benzodiazepines, you soon will. These medications, also known as “benzos” are used to treat anxiety, the primary diagnosed symptom in people with PTSD. But most people with PTSD also have battled alcoholism in an attempt to extinguish the fire inside them

In reality, alcohol fans the flames.

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So the problem with Benzos, then, is that they affect the brain the same way as alcohol.

And yet they are only but a couple of Pharma options for people with PTSD, the others being antidepressants.

Why must we dope up someone who is a victim and simply wants peace, when all we need to do is give them a plant?

Illinois does it right.

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Thank God.

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