Vaping 90 percent THC Mountain Mist on the DL; the future of pot-smoking is now

Many years ago, shortly after returning to the Quad-Cities after living in Los Angeles, a newspaper colleague (I’ll call her Torabella) disrupted the quiet newsroom with news she had just read on the AP wire:

“Get this! Here’s a story that says in 15 years, pot will be legal nationwide, and people will smoke it with discreet little devices that do not even put off odor or smoke. Great! We can all just keep one in our desks.”

You know that’s right.

I won’t soon forget Torabella’s little report, because I remember thinking even back then, in 2002, that having pot tethered to me at the ready would be better for our world.

Never could I have known that the trauma I had experienced up to that point, making me one incredibly tightly wound dude already, would pale in comparison to what the future held.

And here we are. But thankfully, that Associated Press story proved true, too. And today, although I live with chronic PTSD that often is disabling, I have one of these stealthy vaping devices that put off no odor or smoke.

While many people love their Pax, I went with the AiroPro Pen. Both of these devices deliver tasty, extraordinarily potent cannabis strains. Other vapes do not even come close to these two brands in terms of stealthiness, dependability or quality.

Rocky Mountain High? You can say that again

Today I am vaping a strain called Mountain Mist. This is a minty hybrid testing at almost 90 percent THC.

The hit is smooth. The high is euphoric. There is no anxiety, no sleepiness. Just euphoria.

What sets this vaping device apart from other vaping devices is the ability to deliver outrageously high-level concentrate cannabis without compromising taste, like most vaping devices do.

The AiroPro ha a graphite body like you see on the heavy-duty vaping devices. But the AiroPro uses cartridges — ceramic cartridges specially designed for high-quality cannabis oil.

There is no annoying light to fixate upon when you take a drag. Instead, the device vibrates a bit in your hand when you take a drag to show it’s working and that you’re getting the hit you need.

There are many strains available for purchase. Everything has wildly high THC levels and tastes delicious. The hits are smooth; if you hack, you have taken an awfully big hit!

The AiroPro comes with a nice canvas carrying case that holds the pen as well as several cartridges. Some strains I have been vaping include Blue Dream, a citrusy THC:CBD 1-1, and a delicious apple sativa, just to name a few.




Recreational v. Medical Pot in Colorado: What’s the difference?

Terp Sugar are the pretty yellow crystals hanging from the edge of the spoon in this Pixabay stock image. Terp Sugar and/or “Live Resin” is a highly-concentrated form of marijuana chock full of the terpenes that convey medicinal properties. Concentrate also contains extremely high THC and CBD levels (when applicable). 

Thanks to some new friends I made at social marijuana club IBAKE Denver yesterday, this morning when I woke up badly triggered I had the same medical weed I got with my card in the Quad-Cities.

Or at least something very, very close. I’d say maybe not quite as clean, based on my cough after taking a dab.

Check out this piece I wrote for Healthline more than three years ago about Colorado’s marijuana not being as clean as you might think 

I had explained to someone I met yesterday that I chose to relocate to Colorado first and foremost for the weed. I said my PTSD is so bad I did not want to go someplace medical-only and have to suffer through even a month or two to get my card.

But, I added, that while the recreational marijuana is darned good here and that I have had some fun, trippy strains so far in Denver, I didn’t feel my medical needs had been met with the weed yet, at least not to the degree like they were in Illinois.

And then, several patrons told me about High Level Health, which is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary here in Denver.

I walked in and told them about my diagnoses, chronic PTSD and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  A big part of what’s not being met with the weed I have obtained here so far is the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome relief. You will recall me dabbing certain strains with my nectar collector (the glass tool with the metal tip that I would light over my stove in Illinois). You could even hear those wild pops in my back when I would take a hit in my videos. Those pops actually are air bubbles collapsing, which not only sends relief down my legs but also blood to my brain and, I swear, make me grow three inches taller!

Click here to learn more about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. 

In fact, just now I straightened my back as I sit here typing this on my computer Indian-style on my bed (don’t ask, I think I am 25 again since renting a fancy car and don’t want to be told different). When I straightened up there was what I would call a Richter-scale 6 pop about a mile down inside my back.

Incredible relief. People with TOS should not be sitting Indian-stye with their heads tilted forward anyhow, but sometimes I forget these things.

At High Level Health, even though I do not quality for a medical weed card in Colorado yet (I must get the driver’s license first, the weed card only takes a few days after that and does require a trip to the doctor ) I was able to buy exactly a strain and form of concentrate I used effectively in Illinois: Blueberry Headband Live Resin Sugar.

That strain falls under the Colorado recreational program, too. But there were many other condition-specific strains of concentrates that I look forward to trying once I get my card here in Colorado.

The very knowledgeable and friendly clerk directed me across the street to Purple Haze to find a nectar collector. The clerk at Purple Haze was extremely courteous and professional.

Learn how I got a medical marijuana card in Illinois, where they are hard to get 

In fact, when I mentioned that the nectar collector had the same color, texture and design as a pipe I had purchased in my hometown, she must have read the expression on my face to a T. She offered one of a different color, and I gladly chose that one and said thank you.

I have a lot of things to write about, not the least of which is my stand-by AiroPro pen which is a super-cool device. Yesterday I got a Northern Lights cartridge for it which is perfect for stress that may occur during the day when I am out and about.

Lots and lots to do today, so I better get to it. The worst part about moving is all the forms, documents, and standing in official lines!


IBake a perfect bowl of chill for loner stoners who don’t want to smoke solo

I wanted to smoke caviar and get super stoned on some more of that Bear Dance.

But then I realized some fine print on a sign at the hotel: No smoking within 100 feet of the doorways.

And the truth is, the caviar, and flower such as Bear Dance, stinks a place up big time.

For a short time when I stopped smoking weed when I got sober, the smell of it about made me sick. And there really is only one rule in Colorado: Be respectful of others.

Rules, shmoolz, who needs ’em when everyone simply remembers The Golden Rule.

So in that spirit, I knew I couldn’t keep smoking caviar and Bear Dance on my veranda, which I share with other guests.

Enter IBake.

I know. It is a funny name. IBake is a social club where you bring your own weed and get high with other stoners.

And it’s awesome. Don’t worry, it’s not commercialized like you think.

Not one bit. In fact, it’s the coolest stoners you ever have met.

Of all ages.

Lots of people with PTSD, they tell me. Lots of working men and women, too.

We don’t talk about anything but weed here at IBake. And yet it’s deep. Very deep. And it’s great.

Marley plays in the background, a relaxed atmosphere prevails. Imagine walking into a storefront “cannabis bar” in a quiet little Pueblo someplace.

But no alcohol allowed. Only cannabis.

It’s idyllic, it really is.

It’s the coolest stoners you ever will meet at IBake Denver. And so much great weed here to try and share.

Sour Amnesia Apple. Sweet Island. Blue Skunk. Amnesia. Silver Avatar. Those are the names of some strains I have smoked so far.

Tonka Truck. Graham Cracker. Those are some of my fellow stoners.

This place is very cool.

There are bongs and rigs and pot galore, everyone shares. Some play cards, others just shoot the breeze. Myself and a few others are just talking shee-ot.

Someone brings up politics. “It’s dangerous, scary sh*t man.” Everyone looks at one another.

My eyes are big, and I say, “That’s for sure.”

The cost is $12 per month, $3 per day. You can buy pop or water.

And it’s well worth it. Because even after trying all these exotic strains with all these other stoners, it’s the Bear Dance that again has me staring at the walls.

LOL what is it about that strain?

I also have learned some new stoner trivia. Did you know that when you smoke reclaim out of your rig or your nectar collector, and all those strains are mixed together, they call that a Widow Maker?

Did you know that 710 upside down spells “oil” as in cannabis oil?

Another stoner just explained to me that post office workers have it very, very tough. He convinced me that it really is a horrible, horrible job.

I need to find a job. Hopefully one writing about weed. Or maybe even a job in legal pharmaceutical cannabis sales for a legitimate medical cannabis company.

I know I could help a lot of people.


Bear Dance #marijuana #strain leaves me just plain-old-fashioned stoned

They had just received “Bear Dance” buds at my dispensary in Illinois before I moved to Colorado on Friday.

So this morning when I saw Bear Dance at my new favorite dispensary, I thought I would give it a try.  It’s a newer strain, and at my dispensary in Illinois all they really knew about it was that it’s a hybrid because it is just that new.

I’d say it’s a hybrid on the Indica side, heavily stoney (newbies will be disabled by this strain). The dense buds smell piney but also like Durban Poison, at least to me.

I feel a warm, spicy head-high on the exhale, and I recommend exhaling through the nose. The peppery punch will leave you stupefied.

I am just that stoned. I have not even smoked a full bowl yet.

The Bear Dance I am smoking (through a lovely, smoked-mint, green glass pipe) is testing at 20.2 percent, about average for Colorado marijuana.

How much is 20.2 percent, you may ask? Well, those of you who smoked “back in the day” (1960s and 1970s) were doing well to get strains at 10 percent. Today, there are concentrates with THC levels exceeding 90 percent.

And yet, I can smoke those and be just fine. This one is just too much for me, I will save the rest. I finished that first bowl off and took one hit off a second bowl and I’d say that’s plenty for me.

This is some serious heavy stoneage. Put the coffee pot on.

It’s also a creeper. Once you think, “Oh man, I am plenty stoned on this,” and put it down, you will continue to get even more stoned as it works on your brain.

For this reason I caution, in all seriousness, do not try to drive after smoking this.

Expect the “focal point” of Bear Dance to be deep in the center of the back.

I’m so stoned I’m watching Showtime movies on television and enjoying it.

Post-script: I decided to leave the room and go for a walk and found this strain to be very pleasant while outside on a pretty day. Expect the sun to feel hot on your skin, the songs of the birds to sound even more pleasant than usual, and the aroma of each flower to fill your nostrils as you stroll.

Have a great rest of your day.


‘We are glad you are here, sweetheart.’ #Joy, #gratitude upon finally feeling loved

I just came back from my new favorite restaurant, where I had an incredible breakfast of an omelette and one mimosa.

But the best part? Just like the little girl who twice opened the door for me last night, the woman sitting next to me suddenly turned, looked at me, and said:

‘We’re glad you’re here, sweetheart.’

It’s hard to keep composure when people from around this neighborhood where I’m staying randomly say hello and offer that kind of affirmation. It has happened quite a lot in only 24 hours.

But please keep it coming, I am feeling the love, too. Thank you.

Some people here think I am a military veteran. I am not a military veteran, but a veteran of Rock Island, Ill. My classic PTSD symptoms come from trauma on a different battlefield, the battlefield of life in an abusive family and an abusive community.

It’s PTSD all the same, whether you wound up distrusting and forever hyper-vigilant because you were wounded serving your country, suffered abuse at the hands of the politically corrupt, or were the victim of rape.

I am getting exactly the kind of help I need everywhere I go. One lady today urged me to begin the process to get my Colorado medical weed card, adding it means far lower prices for marijuana (which already aren’t bad here to begin with)

I truly think I can mitigate the cost of living increase vis a vis Illinois with the savings I will realize in cannabis costs.

But the best part about the last day? The boundless love I am feeling from people all around me and feeling of security and safety for the first time in a long while.

Tomorrow I may need to begin looking for an apartment. What’s my strategy for getting a job? To keep blogging about things that are marketable and uplifting, and hopefully soon Denver proper will see I am highly employable.

I think once any employer sits across from me, they will see what they already know. The truth about what happened to me isn’t pleasant, but in reality, it has made me even more employable, depending on how you look at things.

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Sunday morning #WakeAndBake, #Denver style, with a caviar joint

How do we wake and bake on a Sunday morning in Denver?

With caviar.

Caviar joints, that is.

I will admit that right now, when I go to a dispensary, it goes something like this:

“What’s the best hybrid Rocket Joint with shatter and kief that you have?”

And they tell me, and I add it to my checkout list. I don’t even ask what it costs.

So this morning, when the sun came up, I couldn’t wait to spark up one of those big doobies that I bought yesterday and smoke it on my veranda.


I had to go back to the package to see exactly what it was that I was smoking, because for a second I wondered if I was just going to float away. The receipt says, “Hybrid Caviar Joint, 1.75 grams, $45 – 20 percent $36.”

So, my big-ass joint cost $36! That’s the priciest joint I EVER have smoked, LOL!

You DO get what you pay for, as they say.

I’m really high.

Good morning.




Falling in love with Colorado on Day 2, recharged with best food, pot and people

Moving never is easy. Consider the Mars Rover landing.

When it landed after its unthinkable trip through space, it hit hard. And there was a bounce.

And then a couple of more tough bounces before Mars Rover capsule finally landed. Even after it hatched from the capsule, the Mars Rover had to travel a bit to reach its final destination.

I hope I might finally be near my final destination. I might be developing a crush on Colorado after tonight, and I really like the community I am staying in now. I had a great night.

The best part of the night?


The food sent euphoria traveling from my taste buds, to my stomach, to my heart.  I won’t say where I ate, or where it is, just yet. But, it’s kinda famous.

I told the waiter, “Who needs marijuana with food like this?”

Then I corrected myself. “Actually, they go GREAT together.”

And the food at this delectable diner is not the least bit overpriced.

While I started with a simple menu item (barbecue bacon cheeseburger with blue cheese wedge), holy cow, I giggled through the meal, it was so delicious.

But, I also am wearing an “athletic fit” T-shirt I bought today at Target. Medium. Red with a yellow lightning bolt across it.

I couldn’t resist buying it.

I also have new socks and underwear.

And two new pairs of kicks.

And a phone.

AND an AiroPro cannabis vape pen that is legal every darned place I go. So I’m always medicated. Wait until I tell you about this vape pen.

Oh, and I bought a coffee pot at Target. I learned that everyone who lives in Colorado just moved here, or so it seems, by chatting with people at Target.

Meantime, I probably will return to that diner for breakfast tomorrow. A little girl opened the door for me at this restaurant tonight. Twice! So sweet.

So many nice people with nice smiles today. Also, the weather — it definitely feels like a different place altogether. It changes pretty fast. The altitude is an adjustment for me; I’m a little dehydrated.

But, it also was 93 degrees today in Denver! That’s pretty hot for here.

Finally, I found a dispensary in the new neighborhood where I am staying, and let’s just say I FELT IT. And you want to feel it at your dispensary.

I dunno, things seem to be going awfully well on Day 2. We will see what Day 3 brings. I might have a real apartment and a real address sooner than expected.



Joo-Lee-Yah Child Political Corruption Pancakes with Special Garnish*

*Where allowed

Stock image courtesy Pixabay

There was Chinese food on the breath of the bud tender who handed it to me.

But BG Breakfast Kush is my kind of breakfast, an indica that tastes like maple syrup and pancakes. Yum.

And SO wildly fun, I just called out the bud tender for Chinese food on his breath!!

JK, Brady. You cool man.

Trump’s Tweets, you know!

Just as Brady said, I delight in this awesome strain. The THC level is relatively low — 16.378 percent.

So how can I be so stoned and happy on 16.378 percent THC, old-school flower out of a plastic bong?

It’s the terpenes, stupid.

Nobody is stupid. Just a turn of phrase there.

If you have a difficult-to-get medical marijuana card in Illinois, you probably have been through hell. The flip side is that it’s the best weed on the planet. Click here to read how I got my card.

Terpenes are those deliciously fragrant, crumbly, sometimes sticky compounds on the leaf we all lust for.  On the marijuana plant, different terpenes convey different properties.

Here is a piece I wrote about terpenes.

Check out this spot-on review on the cannabis site AllBud about Breakfast Kush:

“Breakfast Kush is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the eye-opening Coffee Kush X Tang Tang strains. Even with its indica dominance, Breakfast Kush is often touted to be the perfect wake-and-bake strain, offering an influx of energy, a boosted mood, and a pang of hunger that will leave you eating any food you can whip up for breakfast.”

And this strain is intended for medical use. Says AllBud: “Breakfast Kush is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, appetite loss, and depression.”

I am hungry for pancakes.

I am not kidding.

Until next time.

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Gorsuch served as judge in prisoner case re: Jerry Lee Bustos, Aryan gang



U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch served as the decisive judge in a case involving a Colorado prisoner named Jerry Lee Bustos who got sideways with a journalist and the Aryan Brotherhood white supremacist gang.

The journalist had reported on A&E that Bustos belonged to the white superiority gang when in fact he merely conspired with it, according to published reports.

While the case isn’t newsworthy in and of itself (the Washington Post reported it as recently as February of last year) for me it’s a shocker and an epiphany.

A Sheriff Bustos sign was thrown into my yard two weeks ago signed by the Fordhams (my dead mother’s side of the family) They threw a roll of toilet paper into the yard, too (I posted a video crying that I had no toilet paper).

Photo on 8-17-18 at 3.55 PM

Aryan Nation gang, I believe, is tied to my mother’s side of the family, the Fordhams. I also believe it may be tied to the family (or at least the son) of the previous owner of my home.

I was assaulted in my home by my cousin Bobby Heitz (dad’s side) and his friends from this neighborhood, which include gang members. The previous owner of my home’s son, Frank Fitzpatrick, is currently serving a four-year prison sentence. 

A year after my assault, I was arrested on no charges, jailed and tortured in the Rock Island County Jail, held on no charges by appointed sheriff hubby Gerald “Gerry” Bustos. He is married to @USRepCheri (Bustos).

I was bleeding out my rectum upon being jailed.

I suffer from chronic PTSD.

Thanks to the great reporting of the Denver Post, we know that Gorsuch wrote in his opinion:

“In a conspiracy ultimately detected and disrupted by prison officials, Mr. Bustos agreed to receive balloons filled with heroin from a prison visitor; insert them into his body; and then pass them along to three prison gangs, including the Aryan Brotherhood. When things went awry, Mr. Bustos found himself — balloons and all — locked in solitary confinement. After this delay upset certain intended recipients, Mr. Bustos sent a handwritten apology to an Aryan Brotherhood leader. The note — which refers to the leader repeatedly as “bro” — explains the situation and promises the balloons will soon be on their way.”

And, according to Hollywood reporter:

“Jerry Lee Bustos sued A&E for allegedly defaming him in an episode of Gangland entitled Aryan Brotherhood, claiming the the unsolicited television appearance devasted his popularity in jail and caused him to get death threats. The case was dismissed because the program was deemed to be “substantially true” and couldn’t support a libel claim.”

I do not believe the prison Jerry Lee is the same as Sheriff Gerald Bustos, but I suspect it is a relation. I live in constant fear of my life and am terrified now more than ever. I even was threatened by the FBI a while back. 

Gorsuch is a Constitutionalist much like US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In Rock Island County, Illinois, where US Rep Cheri leads the Democrats, the Constitution is given the bird. Regularly. You can read all about it here. 

Who can forget the Halloween party where a Quad-City Times staffer attended in blackface, dressed at Clarence Thomas, with pubic hair taped atop a Coke can? Do you remember, US Rep Cheri? You were dressed as a “lumberjack.”


Wink, wink. I’ll go fishing for pictures.

Of course I’m only referring to your red and black checkered pullover, Cheri. Remember, I was dressed as baby, with a pacifier and everything? Remember the fun we used to have?

Check out my most read excerpt yet: My life as a reporter for the outrageously political Quad-City Times failing newspaper 

My home, which is shot up, is in Escrow. I sold it at $50,000 loss, blackballed and endlessly harassed by the establishment of Rock Island.

Dozens and dozens and dozens of criminals have been rounded up Quad-Cities-wide in recent weeks for possession of contraband in a correctional facility. I know this as someone who relentlessly monitors jail inmate listings and court proceedings.

Aryan Nation is known for trafficking drugs in prisons rectally.

I ask for an immediate investigation by #FBI #DOJ and assurance of my safety in light of numerous attacks against me already 


Learn more about this case in this YouTube video I made yesterday 

As well as this video 

Check out my YouTube channel, which has had more than 7,000 views this month 

I de-activated my Twitter account shortly after posting the videos because it became shadow-banned

My Facebook account was halted shortly after posting the videos and remains locked due to “violations”

Facebook has done this to me several times before. Read all about that here.

Oh my darlin’, #Clementine, you’re one intoxicating little #strain of #marijuana

Oh man, she tastes so good you’ve got to exhale her through your nose to take her in a second time.


Clementine medical cannabis strain (Cresco Laboratories, reviewed as 1 gram pre-roll testing at 19 percent, broken up and smoked through bong) is recommended for stress and depression.

I can see why. Wow, it’s nice.

It’s easy to lose sight of my privilege, and get caught up in the “woe is me’ of selling my childhood home at great loss. And while I had no idea when I set out to find justice for myself and others that it would turn into all of this, I have known it would be a brutal fight for quite some time. And, I chose to fight.

And with no regrets. It has been an incredible experience, and will continue to be. And it’s going to be an amazing book.

Clementine is best described as offering an awesome euphoria buzz that hits hard. As a chronic PTSD patient, I did not find this powerful sativa at all anxiety-inducing. I love it.

Clementine is a cross between the venerable Tangie and Lemon Skunk. Most everyone who takes a bite out of her will forever yearn for another taste.

And another …

And another … .