Go that extra Phantom Mile, #Marijuana #Soldier #Sativa without #Anxiety, yum

I went into Ha-Ha mode, and then I lay in my bed.

Ataraxia Gold Leaf (Illinois Medical Cannabis) Phantom Mile strain is a marathon winner.

I smoked just one puff, I swear, and then began to chuckle so fiercely I had to lie down in my bed. My back began to go crickety crack, cracker crickety crack. Like bubble wrap.


But that’s what TOS is, and I have it from my tens of thousands of automobile accidents. Just ask anyone who has known me my whole life.

Yet people still ask why I don’t drive. LOL.

What the heck is TOS? Click here and I’ll tell you. It’s a back thing. 

Now, the Phantom Mile is a bit like bandaging a wounded soldier so he or she can go right back onto the battlefield. So that’s awesome.

CBD is the Hawkeye Pierce in this marijuana M*A*S*H. Check out this awesome paid piece I wrote a while back for RealStonedTimes about CBD.

CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Indeed, it truly provides a “body high” only, but as I have told so many, for those of us so tense from mental stress that our body twists into a knot, the relief provided by CBD in terms of muscle relaxation is a high that goes to the head too. Believe me.

This strain that I tested is at 29.25 percent, 2.5 percent CBD.  A little CBD goes a long way.

But this is awesome being psychoactive high too. Just makes me all the more pleasant.



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