Strawberry-Banana Marijuana and Justice for All

Today I am not only pledging allegiance to the United States of America, but also to Strawberry-Banana Marijuana and justice for all.

I feel euphoria course through me as I watch the funny stories about that dirty little FBI peter. I know a lot about his filth, LOL!

Here’s what I think I know. I think he’s the silly weasel who screamed at me on the telephone, too. But maybe not. 

So my blinds are drawn and I am watching Fox News (and the Scott County inmate list) and laughing.

You might think oh damn I bet he wishes he had not sold his house now. No, so long as it is going to legitimate refugees from Burma. In fact, I am very honored to convey my home to such a family at a low price.


Very, very honored. And my father, former “Mayor of Oak Terrace” Bernard L. Heitz “of Rock Island” as he added on every transaction, would be humbled.

My mom would be, too.

My friend Chad Stephens, who knows, is he my friend or not? I don’t know about anybody anymore after what I have been through but maybe someday it will be sorted out. Anyway, Chad Stephens showed up here the other day and said I should get a condo in Longview Condos when the house sells.

It didn’t make any sense.

But hell, I’ve always wanted one of those condos, LOL!

Puff, puff, pass.

Oh yea, this bud is about 32 percent THC, and banana is a staple terpene profile for PTSD relief. Ataraxia Gold Leaf is the best. Strawberry is an uplifting Sativa that doesn’t cause anxiety (Strawberry Cough by GTI is delicious)

What the heck are terpenes? Click here and I’ll tell you!

Enjoy your cannabis!

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