G6 ‘Jet Fuel’ #cannabis blows out cobwebs when #anxiety spins fear in my #brain

Image courtesy Comfreak/Pixabay

It really does smell like jet fuel.

It’s G6 (aka “Jet Fuel”) by Ataraxia GoldLeaf, the finest cannabis, in the finest medical cannabis program (and the best weed in the U.S. period I suspect?) in America.

Oh, God bless that wonderful Illinois Medical Cannabis program. I always say at least I got a weed card out of the deal.

Back to Jet Fuel, however. Does it make any sense at all that a powerblast Sativa (upper) in the medical marijuana medicine bag could help someone with PTSD?

It’s hard to tell, since currently marijuana research in America is extraordinarily limited due to federal regulations. Testing high-end medicinal marijuana in a somewhat competitive, free-market program just isn’t done yet.

Which is ridiculous.

From afraid to crisp and clear: Ataraxia G6

Generally speaking, a theory is that if you give some hyper children (or in rare cases, adults) medicines like Ritalin or Cylert, which are uppers, it will slow them down.

And that’s true in some cases of ADHD.

So I suppose you could argue that Jet Fuel might be helping me get past any (irrational? not really) fears right now about my safety. Earlier I did not want to leave the house. Then, I smoked bowl after bowl of G6.

Now, the Jet Fuel taste? Yes. A split millisecond of EW! Then, wheeeeee, and clarity.

It does make me clench my teeth a bit. And act quite giggly at times. But then, it depends on the environment.

Once I turned the music off, like now, I am just banging things out on my keyboard.

Normally my Mac and my fingers do not line up; the Mac seems too small, my fingers too big, and they slip off the Mac.

Sometimes, I can’t even think to get the words out, let alone be able to even sign onto the computer. These comes during times of extreme anger and/or fear (or course they go together).

Thank God I went out! Do you like my handsome haircut?

“He looks like a new person!” beamed all the pretty girls and the young man who laughed at my stoned ass sitting in the barber chair. We all laughed, I was stoned and it was fun.

Later, I zoned out listening to music.

And now I’m yawning and ready to go lie down for a long while! Newly laundered linens for my bed.




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