Oh my darlin’, #Clementine, you’re one intoxicating little #strain of #marijuana

Oh man, she tastes so good you’ve got to exhale her through your nose to take her in a second time.


Clementine medical cannabis strain (Cresco Laboratories, reviewed as 1 gram pre-roll testing at 19 percent, broken up and smoked through bong) is recommended for stress and depression.

I can see why. Wow, it’s nice.

It’s easy to lose sight of my privilege, and get caught up in the “woe is me’ of selling my childhood home at great loss. And while I had no idea when I set out to find justice for myself and others that it would turn into all of this, I have known it would be a brutal fight for quite some time. And, I chose to fight.

And with no regrets. It has been an incredible experience, and will continue to be. And it’s going to be an amazing book.

Clementine is best described as offering an awesome euphoria buzz that hits hard. As a chronic PTSD patient, I did not find this powerful sativa at all anxiety-inducing. I love it.

Clementine is a cross between the venerable Tangie and Lemon Skunk. Most everyone who takes a bite out of her will forever yearn for another taste.

And another …

And another … .


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